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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Is Running for Congress

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Whoever survives the Democratic Primary showdown between U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman and U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell in the 9th District may have to contend with a rabbi if Shmuley Boteach has his way.

The Englewood rabbi/author told the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) before the organization’s filing deadline last night that he wants to be the party’s nominee for Congress and accordingly submitted his name.

Boteach isn’t the only one interested in going up against the winner of Pascrell v. Rothman.

Blase Billack of Saddle River, an associate professor of pharmacology at St. John’s University, and Bruce Wrede of Saddle River, senior technician at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, also submitted their names in search of the nomination.


  • 1. Hershel Moss, Crown Heights wrote:

    Even though some of Rabbi Boteach’s ideas are questionable to me (I haven’t read his books), I am happy to see him get involved in this country’s law making. I believe he can do a lot of good, according to the Rebbe’s wishes, so I wish him much success.

  • 2. What next from this bufoon??? wrote:

    It’s an early Purim shpiel, right?

    This is all we need. I know why he’s doing it…so he can make the Chabad “establishment” crawl to him for funding & he can play G-d (his next task, no doubt!) and say NO.

    G-d save us from this megalomaniac. I really hope the Jews in his district let the Republicans know what a petty, vindictive laughing stock he is. In his case, I’d vote ABB…Anybody But Boteach.

  • 4. Perfect!! wrote:

    What a great idea! An egotistical, narcissistic, reality-show buffoon, with no business or political experience needs a job. He fits the job description for US Congressman to a “T”. What a perfect fit! If the Republicans don’t want him, he can run as a Libertarian, a la Ron Paul.

  • 5. Yukl wrote:

    Kosher G-d…. lol

    But, I think he’s better off getting pre-occupied with law, so that he hasn’t time for making a churban ion other areas…

  • 7. Book sales low? wrote:

    Guess if he becomes a politico his sales might go up regardless if he wins…

  • 8. What is with this guy? wrote:

    “Meshuge, Meshuge, Ober Saichel Darf Men Hoben…”

    -Beshaim Simon

  • 9. #2 Has soo much resentment issues Nebach wrote:

    just because u disagree with his opinions does not mean u have to vilify him as Anti-all of chabad!

    i, for one am born & raised chabad, & respect his accomplishments, albeit not in the name of chabad! yet he has single handedly spread more yiddishkeit than he could have while under chabad “officially”

    except for a few vocal voices, most of chabad is friendly and accepting towards him & his family,

    its sad that some in chabad treat him with such venom,

    his issue is with a small number of vitriolic people not ALL of us

  • 11. to # 9 wrote:

    I know him well and have considered him a friend. His latest book will definitely contribute to the cause of christian missionaries. He is not a menace to chabad, but rather to the Jewish people.

  • 13. Not a Rabbi. wrote:

    Good for him and I wish him all the best. But do not call him Rabbi. A person that can write the book he did, does not deserve to be called Rabbi. If yo just read the “Igeres Taimon” and the halachas of “Avodas Kochovim” of the Rambam you will see how far this guy is off from Halacha.
    He will sell his religion for a buck. That surely makes for a great politician.
    good luck Shmuli.

  • 14. Why is this news???? wrote:

    Let Botaech do his thing, why do you continue giving him a platform. PLEASE BE MORE SELECTIVE ON WHAT YOU POST.

  • 15. #9 actually im an oholei torahnik! wrote:

    i am glad you felt i write as well as shmuly!

    ty for the compliment!

    by the way my pre1A Rebbi was Rabbi Lieder in Mem Hei,

    Boteach has no idea who taught Pre1A in MemHei =)

    good luck spewing division, its not very chabad of you todo (perhaps talk to your mashpia to explore what is going on inside yourself to drive this focus in you)

  • 16. Dad1 wrote:

    Yanks – and other detractors are sooo jealous it boggles the mind.

    Needless to say it goes against chabad altogether to knock as some of you do – and I hope and assume that most normal chabadniks see this as a good move.

    Good luck Shmuley!

  • 17. bring him on wrote:

    we have a president who says he is following j’s advice. why not a senator? it’s actually very good. people will find out that the united synagogue denied him the right to a pulpit because he is dishonest. maybe some of his idiot followers will wake up.

  • 18. #9 is right wrote:

    chabad teaches love not hate, yes even if you disagree vehemently!

    i too dont agree with much of shmuly’s tactics to drive media to his door
    but i dont think the rebbe would support your language & sstyle

  • 19. why are some ppl sooo bitter and hostile wrote:

    i also see boteach’s style as a strategy for exposure to increase sales & his profile,

    thats ok, if his goal is to reach a larger audience! thats how he makes parnasa & in the process smuggles much torah to the outside world!

    no complaints

  • 20. shmuly has many fans inside lubavitch wrote:

    i know many lubavitchers, shluchim etc who looov shmuly

    chabad is not run by 2 loud mouths in london or chicago

    we looov u shmuly

    ver nisht nispoel, (tip: start consulting a chasidishr ruv, its a segula for success)

  • 21. Kosher Government wrote:

    I hear Yiztchok Wolf is moving to Englewood to run as a Socialist Democrat.

  • 22. Al tivtach bo wrote:

    he has single handedly spread more yiddishkeit than he could have while under chabad “officially”

    Shmuley single-handedly or double-handedly spread nothing of value.

    Congress is the place for him, but really I think he should run as a Democrat. He shares their morals.

  • 24. ive read 2 of his books! wrote:

    i have read many of his article on shleimus haaretz

    he has successfully promoted many gr8 ideas from Tora & from the rebbeh to thhe outside by the millions!!

  • 25. yup for the most part he-s a ok wrote:

    for those who actually took the time to personally read what he wrote, its 99% oisgehaltin

  • 26. he-s zt least as good as wrote:

    as qualified as the current congress who are not very effective

  • 30. annual smicha credits wrote:

    Smicha should require CLE credits. Rebonim should be able to revoke the licence just like the bar can dis-bar attorney’s. Peasple change it’s unfai to our tradition that people can run around with the title b/c they passed a few tests decades ago

  • 31. I respected you. Sad wrote:

    Refuah SHelaimah.

    Shmuly you a shliach of the rebbe! Act it! Live and prctice your true identity otherwise you will NEVER self actualize. I respected you, what the hell are you doing?!

  • 33. Shmuly is being attacked by jealus ppl wrote:

    they never read his actual books, & got emanuel schochet to sign a pre scripted letter despite the mans brain condition

  • 34. Dont rush to judge wrote:

    why do people have so much anamocity inside??

    i have read what he writes, i dont see why all the vitrial??

    leav the man alone!

  • 35. Attention: wrote:

    His actual name is Shmelke Der Shtot Meshugener.
    Hope he finds what to do other then political and community
    involvement.How about a cruise somewhere in the Arctic.


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