L.A. Diamond Daveners Hold Presidential Election

Presidential Team with former Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento, Capitol of California.

This Motzei Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha, close to 150 boys and girls of Anash families in Los Angeles will gather to elect their Presidential Officials and Secretary of State as they cast their ballots during an evening of Presidential Debates. As in the past 10 years, each year the Mispallelim and Mispallelos of Kol Yakov Yehuda, the Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners of Los Angeles, choose a few of their own to lead their Jr. Congregation – the Shul for the kids, by the Kids.

This year there are two slates of candidates. Both “Presidential Tickets” have been making campaign promises to improve the Ruchniyos and Gashmius of the Kids Shul. In fact, when one walks in to the courtyard of our Children’s Shul one can see campaign fliers, posters and decorations promoting each Candidate, eliciting the votes of their fellow mispallelim.

The elections will take place this Motzei Shabbos and will include a full blown pizza Melave Malka as well as a grand raffle. The raffle taking place is for a trip to Brazil and Uruguay, where one lucky congregant will win this grand prize as part of their coming to Kol Yakov Yehuda last year. Following the Melave Malka, debates, campaign videos and raffle there will be a live band, empowering the children with Simcha as they begin their new year – V’Yakov Holach L’Darco.

Once the officials are elected, a grand inauguration ceremony usually takes place. In the past, these ceremonies have been held in the Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, City Hall of Los Angeles and in the capitol of California – Sacramento with the past Governor of California. There is great anticipation amongst the children, all guessing where this year’s inauguration will take place.

These elections follow the extremely busy month of Tishrei where the Rebbe’s Diamond Daveners had their annual Double Decker Sukkah Hop, Simchas Beis Hasho’eiva with the 8th day and their annual Hakafos geared for children only.

1st Presidential Ticket – (from left to right) Yisroel Pinson, Levi Greenbaum and Shloimy Lasker
2nd Presidential Ticket – (from left to right) Yakov Goldman, Yossie Lasker and Mendel Rav-noy
Double Decker Sukkah Hop – Ezras Anoshim
Double Decker Sukkah Hop – Ezras Noshim
Enjoying the Sukkah Hop
Presidential Team in Los Angeles City Hall
Presidential Team proudly showing their inauguration picture from the Reagan Museum
Sukkah Hop biking


  • member of anash

    rabbi duchman represents what his father in law a“h was referred to by the Rebbe. ”a L’chatchila ariber yid”.
    kol hakovod to this special man. a man of action! these children will forever be affected by their youth years of davening as it should be. positive. beautiful. meaningful.