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Video: Narcotics Arrest Turns into Anti-Semitic Tirade

Tuesday night, just as Jews began celebrating the holiday of Shavuos, police officers were arresting two people for selling and buying illegal drugs just a few blocks away from 770. The incident then turned into a despicable racists rant by some of the residents.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, May 14th at around 8:30pm on Kingston and Atlantic Avenues – just 10 blocks away from 770. Anti crime police officers from the 77th Precinct busted one black male for the possession and sale of illegal narcotics, and another for purchasing and possession of the same.

Angry residents took to the street and shouted at police officers, protesting the arrests. Amid the unrest police arrested a third individual for Obstruction of Governmental Administration.

While most of the anger was directed at the police some residents took to accusing the “Jews” of their “problems”. “This aint New York, this is Jew York” shouted one woman, who went on shouting “those Jews are raping and murdering and [the police] doesn’t arrest them.”

The disgusting foul language tirade went on for nearly 5 minutes, until the camera stopped recording.

Due to the nature of the language we cannot post the video here on the site, but it can be watched on YouTube at your own discretion.


  • yankel

    is anyody surprised? This is what Charles Barron and Sharpton say EVERYDAY and plus Obama the excuser in chief told his black folk that it is racism that he experienced even though he grew up amongst his white grandparents. Remember it is ONLY whites who can be racists.

  • Anonymous

    typical – when faced with the problems of her community she must blame the jews

  • Always blame the Jews

    We were blamed for the Boston bombings. I don’t give a rat’s toenail what these Black racists say. They should all drop dead.

  • cut it out

    Yankel, you’re saying that Obama, being Black, did not experience discrimination despite being raised with white grandparents and therefore a white community?! Or are you saying he never got out of the house of his grandparents? Should anybody assume you have never faced discrimination because you are white and grew up in a white community? Logic, buddy. It doesn’t matter who one grows up with, they can still experience racism. Even a black child with a white mother was called names on a plane not too long ago.

    • Milhouse

      0bama never lived anywhere where Jim Crow laws existed. They disappeared before he was born. So he had no right to talk as if he had experienced them.

      He had a very privileged childhood, growing up with his communist grandparents and their communist friends, and being sent to an exclusive private school. When did he ever suffer from racism?

    • cut it out


      You never lived anywhere near Obama nor are you Black nor are you him. You have to right to talk as if you know whether or not he experienced racism.

      Plenty of people in CH live privileged lives so using your logic, it should be assumed they have never experienced discrimination.

      By the way, get a life.

    • Milhouse

      He claimed to have experienced Jim Crow; he didn’t. He has benefited enormously from his racial status, and has no right to complain. He would never be even close to where he is now if his father had been white. He’d just be another communist grifter whom nobody had heard of.

  • Crown Hts resident

    Same old,same old. Nothing new here except it’s online for all to see. I don’t watch these things anymore because it is easier to live with the abstract concept of hatred then to actually experience / view it knowing it is directed at one’s self.

  • Ad Motai Ad Motai

    Oh garshkies… hey… those people are simply “bahaymas”… where do you think the word Bahamas comes from? Let them do the Moon Dance and get their butts off the streets and into the slums of Cincinatti or something.

  • Calm Down please

    There is no point in posting racist comments here. If you watch the video, you will notice that the others standing around are not supporting her statements. They are not actively shutting her up, but nor are they backing her.

    If you have a normal conversation with a nice African American, you will see that they share the same values as you do.

    And by the way, when there are ticket blitzes in CH every now and then, I see plenty of comments here that “they never do it to the blacks”. And, when a yid in CH gets arrested for something, you always have a pack of Jews standing around protesting.

    That woman was a racist, plain and simple. No need to blame an entire community for it.

  • arrest her

    why isn’t she arrested? isn’t it illegal, ironically if you said that about anyone else you’d be arrested….

    • Not 1005 illegal

      being that she never said it directly to a particualr person you cant call it a hate crime. Ever wondered why Al Sharpton gets away with saying everything that he says? If it were illegal he would be rotting away in jail.

    • Milhouse

      Um, this is America, we have a first amendment, maybe you’ve heard of it? In America we have the right to say anything we like. You cannot be arrested for speaking your mind, no matter how insane.

    • Milhouse

      It’s got nothing to do with whether she said it to a particular person or not. Free speech is free speech. You can say whatever you like, whether to one person or to the world in general.

      Do you have any idea what the term “hate crime” means?

  • shaina

    talk about jews….the kids going around stealing are black kids. My sons stroller was just stolen by a 10 yr old black girl

  • no big deal

    the scum was probably fingerprinted (if that), appologised to, and out by the morning.
    Notice that the cops didn’t punch him like they did the yid sleeping in aliya.
    No justice, no peace. Until the cops lock up these creeps and throw away the key there can be no peace.