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Two Translated Classic Chasidic Discourses Published

The Lubavitch publishing house, Kehot Publication Society, has just released two new works in the popular Chasidic Heritage Series. Faith and Knowledge is a translation of a discourse, delivered more than 200 years ago, by the founder of Chabad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.

All for the Sake of Heaven is a translation of a 1907 discourse by the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn.

Knowledge and Faith discusses the fundamental concept of faith in G-d as compared to the imperative to “know” G-d, and how they complement and balance each other. Rabbi Schneur Zalman maps out a course of how to strengthen our faith that will continuously characterize our knowledge.

In All for the Sake of Heaven Rabbi Shalom DovBer outlines a holistic lifestyle in which

Man can unleash tremendous divine energy through a seemingly simple and mundane activity such as eating, drinking, and business dealings, so that these can be carried out truly for the sake of heaven.

The Chasidic Heritage Series offers user-friendly English translations of classic Chasidic discourses. The translations have been thoughtfully prepared to facilitate the reader’s thorough comprehension without assuming much prior knowledge. To this end, the text features an extensive introduction and summary, a vowelized Hebrew text facing the translation, captions for easy reference, and footnotes and commentary that explain obscure concepts and source references for further study.

“When studying a discourse in this series,” says CHS editor Rabbi Avraham Vaisfiche, “You don’t feel like you’re reading a translation. It’s very readable yet it retains its faithfulness to the Hebrew text.”

Each volume includes a page displaying a facsimile of an original manuscript by the author of the discourse along with a portrait of that particular Rebbe. Certain books also contain biographical sketches of the Rebbes.

To purchase a copy of these discourse visit the website.


  • 2. great for shiurim wrote:

    This series is a monumental breakthrough for chassidus in English. We have a weekly shiur in our chabad house studied from the book itself for secular balabatim. Amazing.

  • 3. Our true calling wrote:

    Our mission is to spread chasidus.
    This is the Baal Shemtov. This is the Rebbe. Everything else we do is icing on the cake.

    This us the best vehicle yet for us shluchim and Anash to bring the maayanos chutzo.

    Ive taught them all to great success.

    Thank you for the new ones.

    We need more of these. Please!


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