Yaldei HaShluchim Give and Get Mishloach Manos

Ever tried making a shopping list for your kids for Purim? It starts with candies, chips and baskets. Somewhere over the course of time grape juice, bags, stickers and ribbon get added to the list. Oh wait! The costumes! There are hats, masks, spray and more. There’s also Graggers and party snappers. The list goes on. Your kids are excited! Purim is coming and they’re going to get a box full of junk completely for themselves. They prepare fancy ones for special friends, regular ones for their classmates and even extra bags just in case a kid they didn’t plan on giving comes to the house.

Finally the morning of Purim arrives and your kid is out the door bright and early. They want to get as much nosh as possible. It’s all theirs, legitimately! They parade the streets, meet friends and family, have fun and eat a lot sugar.

But what happens to a kid who doesn’t live in a Frum neighborhood with friends and family? How does he get nosh? Who gives him Mishloach Manos? Will he be excited that Purim is coming?

Thanks to CYH, Chinuch Yaldei HaShluchim, founded in memory of Reb Mendel and Sara Shemtov A”H, a project of the Shluchim Office, a GIVE AND GET PURIM MANIA project was launched for Yaldei HaShluchim living in all far corners of the world. The aim of this project is for Yaldei Hashluchim to give and get real Mishloach Manos. Every child who joins will receive a name of another child to send Mishloach Manos to. This way every kid can be overjoyed that Purim is arriving.

“This year 1000 Yaldei Hashluchim will GIVE AND GET Mishloach Manos,” says Mirelle Wolf, director of CYH. Thank you to the Shluchim Office for making this happen and giving Yaldei HaShluchim the opportunity to be happy and delighted for a joyous YomTov!

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    go mirelle u rock the house
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    ur the best of the west!


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