Manchester Lubavitch Youth Minyan Llandudno Trip

Manchester Lubavitch youth Minyan fun filled Shabbaton at Chabad Retreat Centre in Llandudno.

Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Weinman, Rabbi of the Manchester Lubavitch Youth Minyan, together with his wife Chaya, accompanied by four students of Yeshivas Lubavitch Manchester, took a group of 35 boys aged between 14 and 17 to the Chabad Retreat Centre in Llandudno for a fun filled Shabbaton.

The boys enjoyed a lively Friday night Service. They kept up the singing and dancing whilst telling stories and experiences until the early hours of Shabbos morning. After an uplifting shabbos morning service and a delicious shabbos lunch the boys were able to appreciate the beautiful Llandudno scenery with a walk.

After shabbos had ended, they, played various sports at a nearby leisure centre, followed by a Melavah Malkah back at the Retreat Centre.

The weekend was organised by Mr Gav Cohen.


  • 2. anash manchester wrote:

    rabbi weinman keep up your great work.
    truly a shliach to the entire community.
    I am self censoring myself. but thansk to u i have hope that there will be another cohen family active in lubavitch work in manchester and be’h it will be in a peacefull way as u r so capable of doing


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