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White House Holds Chabad Event

The White House hosted a special gathering of Shluchim and their supporters last week, focusing on the Rebbe’s teachings and accomplishments of Chabad all over the globe. This was part of the ‘Live Heritage’ program in Washington in honor of the Rebbe on Gimmel Tamuz.

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‘Chabad is on the head of my list”, remarked John Bolton, Head of Staff of the White House. Another Jewish official, Tevi Troy, told about a clause in the law President Bush changed in favor of a Chabad school in Nebraska. The speakers also denounced the way the Palestinians have been handling the issue of the abducted Israeli soldier.


  • 1. NICE wrote:

    wow it looks beautiful! Very impressive grounds and they look even more impressive with a bunch of lubavitchers walking around!!!

  • 2. SG wrote:

    What an honor. Assume the shluchim addressed the issue
    that we are awaiting Moshiach and the world should also
    prepare to be "mekabel Pnai Moshiach"!

    Assume the shluchim and all of us remember that the
    honor is not ours, but it is ALL the Rebbe’s and we are
    sailing on his coattails.

  • 3. impressed relative!!! wrote:

    Mordy and Yitzchak Newman!!! U guys are doing an amazing job! Keep up the great Shluchos work in Virginia and California!

  • 5. Sara wrote:

    Yasher Koach to Rabbi Levi Shemtov and American Friends of Lubavitch for doing such a great job represtenting Chabad and all of klal yisroel in the nations capital. Thanks for the great Kiddush Hashem.

  • 6. The Rebbe is with us & G-D bless America wrote:

    Beautiful. We are not alone, The Rebbe gives us strength every day…and helps and guides us to succeed.

    Until the second that Moshiach comes, and may he come NOW…
    May Hashem bless USA for their mentioning of and believing in His name and not being embaressed of it, and for them generally being a safe haven for Yidden to practice their Yiddishkeit in an open and proud way.
    In this area, the Israeli government has a lot to learn from the US. ‘It’s ‘right’ on the money’


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