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New JEM DVD Narated By Children

BROOKLYN , NY [CHI] — In 770, children would gather in their privileged spot in the front of the shul standing near the Rebbe’s Shtender. Their eyes would alternate between the holy words of the Siddur and catching glimpses of the Rebbe at prayer.

When Davening with the Rebbe first came out in 1998, it was acclaimed by parents and educators alike. Children were once again able to see and hear up close the Rebbe Davening.

With this special relationship in mind, a new version of Davening with the Rebbe has been released. Climbing the Rungs of Prayer has the original video footage and soundtrack, but it has gone giant steps further. Besides being available for the first time on DVD, the new version has a children’s narration narrated by children and explaining many basic concepts of prayer in a clear unsophisticated style which can easily be grasped by youngsters.

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For older children and adults, there is also an optional narration geared at adults explaining these same concepts. As well, the Davening is translated with subtitles.

We feel that every child should be able to have the opportunity to watch and listen to the Rebbe Davening again and again and again.

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