CGI Parksville Camp Staff has Pre-Camp Meeting

The staff of Camp Gan Yisroel of Parksville, NY met in Crown Heights Sunday to prepare for the upcoming summer season.

They were joined by Executive Director Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, who shared words of inspiration, expounding on the Rebbe’s ideal in creating Camp Gan Yisroel as a Camp that not only effects positive change in the children during the summer, but has a lasting impact throughout the year.

The head staff then spoke about how every staff member can change the life of a child for the positive, and it’s all in their hands to help each child live up to their potential.

A psychologist, who spoke to the staff about safety, also expressed his thanks to camp for his father, who despite not being Lubavitch, attended Camp Gan Yisroel as a young boy, was deeply affected by it and still sings the camp songs. ‎

Thoughts and ideas were shared for more amazing innovative programs that will be implemented in camp this summer, promising to make this year more exciting than ever before.

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