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Bais Rivkah Day Camp Off to a Great Start

Summer camp at Bais Rivkah Crown Heights started off with a bang – a Hakhel within Hakhel. The summer’s theme – UNO! We are one – encourages Achdus and Ahavas Yisroel.

What better way to implement it than by having a grand Hakhel with the Bais Rivkah Kiddie Camp, together enjoying an entertaining show by the “Twins from France” on the very first day?!

The campers are having the summer of their dreams, Begashmiyus UbeRuchniyus, with  Swimming and trips, baking and art, Tzivos Hashem, Ahavas Yisroel notes… and so much more!

This summer’s dedicated head counselors Shaina Oster, Chaya Deitch and Tzivia Block bring out the energy and Chayus in the campers. Thanks to the incredibly devoted staff, BRDC has begun its best summer yet!

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  • 1. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    oh yeah go Bais Rivkah day camp and go twins from France enjoy your summer we want moshiach now

  • 2. Head Counselors Rox!! wrote:

    Go Chaya, Tzivia and Shaina!! ur awesome!!! love brdc!!

  • 3. luv!! wrote:

    The theme is adorable! Extremely creative!
    keep it going guys!


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