Bochurim Flee Scene After Crashing Rental Car

Last night, a rental car reportedly driven by Bochurim crashed into several parked cars and flipped over, after which the vehicle’s occupants fled the scene.

The incident occurred at around midnight Wednesday night, on Union Street between Kingston and Brooklyn Aves.

Witnesses called the police, but by the time they arrived at the scene the occupants of the vehicle had fled.

Police cordoned off the scene of the accident and documented the damage. They also found a weapon, later discovered to be a BB gun, near the crashed vehicle.

Witnesses said that the car was rented from a local informal car rental service, as evidenced by a part of the shattered window with a sticker on it in both English and Hebrew informing occupants that smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.

Police sources said that the vehicle was not reported stolen at the time of the crash, and that the incident is being investigated.


  • 1. Correction wrote:

    I was there right after it happened and the police were saying that the car was stolen from President street by two Goyim

    • 2. No! wrote:

      Police said that there was no report of the vehicle being stolen as of Thursday morning.

  • 3. free at last, free at last... thank G-D at last wrote:

    OMG……union street is so narrow… did they get up the speed to flip over?……future ravs (or mikveh cleaners) ….. so much for taking responsibility

  • 4. Ma Rabbi wrote:

    The Israeli Bochurim come here “to learn” and instead go crazy with their new found freedom.

    • 6. Couldn't agree more! wrote:

      Hogging parking spaces on the street, rather than having a lot, like any such business should. Renting to people who shouldn’t be driving.

  • 7. sd wrote:

    someone has to know what these bachurim are doing. they are usually away from their homes and need someone similar to a parent to be watching them. rosh yeshiva and mashgiach are one thing, and something like a House-mother is whats needed in this case.
    we cannot have this. The bachurim aren’t learning proper hanhaga w/o being supervised and nurtured, and remember, its also for their safety, as well as the fact that they will IY”H be balabatim one day. Keep our people on a sensibel and healthy path to success

  • 9. Anonymous wrote:

    Don’t even think it was
    The mishicjistin who did it.

    Don’t even think it was
    Flag jobs.

    We can’t be sure until the facts come out.

  • 10. Aryé wrote:

    Are you serious???
    It wasn’t bochurim !!! For sure !
    We was setting by ess & bentch and we saw two black people running away from the scene !

  • 16. Mendy wrote:

    For all you witnesses, how about you go tell the police instead of just commenting here.

    • 18. In all seriousness - Please correct title ASAP wrote:

      Based on accounts here, this doesn’t seem like it was done by bochurim. And while the car wasn’t reported stolen at the time, it might have been just recently stolen and not yet reported.

  • 19. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    Any updates? Any arrests? Should be easy to find the culprits just check security camera footage.

  • 21. Ma Rabbi wrote:

    I apologize for my previous remark.
    It seems that the perpetrators were black.

  • 23. free at last, free at last... thank G-D at last wrote:

    # 21 ….thank you, Sir…. truly a mensch

  • 24. to number 5 wrote:

    just saying when your child needs a car for a pegisha he will have to take a taxi instead

  • 26. I'll talk to Chanina wrote:

    I’ll talk to Chanina tonight and let you know if they were bochurim or goyim


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