Woman Pinned Between Cars While Crossing Street

A woman was pinned between two vehicles while she attempted to cross the Eastern Parkway service lane amid heavy traffic.

The incident occurred Sunday night on Eastern Parkway near the intersection of Utica Avenue in Crown Heights.

The woman was injured and transported by EMS to a local hospital. Police did not say if her injuries were life threatening.


  • Jim M.

    the “don’t block the box” rule (box on the intersection) should be strictly enforced. Allow people to cross there.

  • More police presence needed there!

    There should be visible, decent police presence at that corner (on the south side) at rush hour. During early evening or heavy traffic, I’ve had trouble getting across Eastern Parkway there. The foot traffic can be extremely heavy, as well, making it tough to cross the street. One time, an angry man started yelling and kicking my wheelie suitcase when his bike got stuck in the little wheels. Another time, a woman pushed against me as I was walking and wouldn’t stop, and I was afraid she’d push me down. For future, I’m considering walking from Utica to Schenectady on Union or President St. to avoid the problems there, even though it’s out of my way.

  • ummm

    sad to hear but why was she crossing in middle of heavy traffic? If i shoot myself and i die sure its sad but it is my fault.