Horrifying Moment Boy Hit by SUV Caught on Video

CrownHeights.info has obtained surveillance footage of the horrifying moment Tuesday morning when a 13-year-old boy was hit by an SUV making a right turn from President Street onto Kingston Avenue in Crown Heights.

We are sharing this video with the community in the hopes that it will serve as a wake-up call and enhance our awareness of motor vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Please continue to say Tehillim for Shneur Zalman Ovadia Ben Rina Miriam.

Warning: the video below contains disturbing and upsetting images, please view at your own discretion.


  • 1. Scooters seem similar wrote:

    Kids should either wear helmets or walk scooter across the street!

  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    I have seen this all the time. People have to know that before you run into the street, you have to stop, and look over your shoulder, right or left before crossing. The same goes with scooters i see kids zooming across the street as though they have the right of way. They do, but not ten feet before the hit the intersection. If you look at the video the driver had no idea that the child would cross. Having a walk sign doesn’t automatically give you the right of way. If the car is there first, than recognize it. I see kids the moment the light turns green, run across, without looking if there are cars. 1) cars that are taking the red light especially. This has to be addressed at the beginning of the school year. Its unfortunate that this has to happen. Refuah Shlaimeh.

    • 4. Dave G. wrote:

      While what you say is true. Much too often I’ve seen cars turning right without so much as a glance if anyone is crossing or about to cross.

      Pedestrians and drivers need to work together to make the streets safer.

  • 5. no2 wrote:

    kid started dashing acrross the st the walk signed blinking red look llike the car by the other cars going pass had the green so poor kid but in the case in think it was the kid fault not the driver

    • 7. Preventable wrote:

      Very preventable. Boy had the walk sign. Driver should not have been going that fast when turning.

    • 8. thomes wrote:

      its not true the driver made a one shot turn as you can tell in the video he didnt stop before turning of course kids should not be running into the street but at the same time drivers gotta slow down before turning even more so not a one shot turn

  • 9. the shvigger wrote:

    Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way. Drivers should always assume that this COULD happen.

    • 10. Pedestrian and Driver education wrote:

      Rule number 1 to teach our children NEVER run ON the street, even if you entered after stopping and looking.

      Second rule for Pedestrians: ALWAYS stop and look before stepping foot off the sidewalk.

      Important rule for drivers: Take turns slowly.

      From the video it’s difficult to discern the speed of the driver, but based on the fact that the kid ran into the street, it might have been impossible for her to see him, and she might have hit him regardless of speed.

      My heart goes out to both the family of the kid, and to the driver. I hope everyone emerges from this without any רושם.

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    No one should ever run across the street and drivers have slow down when it comes to turning!!!!!

  • 13. concerned in ma wrote:

    Is there a pedestrian button on the pole to stop traffic for the person to safely cross? If not, there should be one and if there is one, it should be used. Even with a button, you still have to check traffic.
    Please…drivers…make your turns slowly. Please.. all pedestrians, stop and look. Unfortunately, even this can’t prevent accidents. Refuah Shlaimeh

    • 15. No working buttons wrote:

      Most in Crown Heights are not even connected. The ones that are are switched off and only operable by crossing guards and the like.

      Refuah shelaima!

  • 17. Refuah shelaima! wrote:

    As someone who was also hit by s vehicle (s few years ago, in my 20’s) I know the recovery is long and hard and I pray this bochur has a refuah shelaima and no long lasting effects from it!

  • 18. Hope both recover wrote:

    Unfortunately, very easy to happen.

    Pedestrian running to catch the flashing don’t cross before they have to wait for the cross, even though that sign is a warning DO NOT begin to cross.

    Driver sees the same flashing light and wants to make the light before they get stuck waiting for the next green, and if you turn on the green JUST before it goes red, you get the next green at the end of the next block.

    1. unfortunately one boy hurt and one driver who will have to live with it for the rest of their life.
    2. Both lost all the time they were trying to save by rushing + a lot more.

    Lesson for drivers and pedestrians:
    Slow down and arrive safely.
    Better a few minutes later in this world than many years earlier in the next

    With blessings for a refua sheleima to the boy & an emotional recovery for the driver (no idea who it is, but am sure the driver is suffering from PTSD)

    • 19. actually wrote:

      by empire and ny there like 3 seconds for crossing then it starts flashing. as a result people always cross while its flashing. (there are number tho)

  • 20. Yehuda wrote:

    The driver was already turning when the boy ran into the street. Basically the driver had no chance. Was in middle of the turn when the boy actually ran into the car. Do not blame the driver. Boy should have stopped and looked if it was safe to cross.

  • 21. Accidents are accidents wrote:

    that was a pure accident. I almost hit someone tonight. i was changing lanes and glance in my left hand mirror to make sure there was no cars coming. in the three seconds that took and i glance back, I saw someone crossing in the middle of the street. Thank G-d I missed him. he was reckless crossing in the middle of the block with on coming traffic. but really i didn’t see him cuz of that 3 second glance away. and I didn’t do anything wrong i was looking where i was suppose to when changing lanes but if he had been slower I could have really hit the guy. sometime things cant be avoided and blame doesn’t always come into the equation.

    • 22. that was not your fault at all wrote:

      people should not cross in middle of the street with incoming traffic

    • 23. Menachem Goldstein wrote:

      If indeed accidents are just accidents, then perhaps the solution is fewer cars in the streets. A 13-year old shouldn’t die in the street because someone had to do errands. FYI, motor vehicle emissions cause premature deaths at the same rate they kill people in collisions. Also lines the pockets of Putin and the Saudi royal family…

  • 24. right of way wrote:

    A pedestrian *ALWAYS* has the right of way… ESPECIALLY IN A CROSSWALK!

    The driver is 100% WRONG, he was accelerating into the turn which is never ok.

    On the other hand, there is a saying that “on the road you need to safe, not right” becuase you can be right and still get killed C”V, so never running into a street is a great idea and this is a great educational tool for parents and for people in general, just like the one that was posed here a few months ago: http://crownheights.info/accidents/539779/girl-struck-by-minivan-while-crossing-the-street/

  • 25. wondering wrote:

    i think we need to take the driver out back to the woodshed for speeding… but i am wondering why is a 13 year old boy darting across streets at 7:30 in the morning?

  • 26. tzvi wrote:

    i know this kid he is in my school i was with him when he was waiting for the bus to com the driver should be way more cear full the last update i know is he is still in ISU

  • 27. his name wrote:

    his name is shy or, two light, he has tow light’s. one before and he now begins another light.

  • 28. CH mom - when you drive - think that your child crossing streets too somewhere wrote:

    CH must be all Kids Zone where pedestrians not share the cross line with any vehicle by having Red for vehicles and Cross sign for pedestrians…. cars and kids can’t share cross lines in CH or any place in NY ……

    Refua Shleima for the child and driver need to get pchycologist help too it’s also a trauma of a soul …. to know how to live with it …

  • 29. E wrote:

    Scary corner for adults too, especially when trucks and boxes are loaded all over the corner

    wondering if someone in community can/wants to make a change..

  • 31. look out wrote:

    a delivery motorbike almost hit me since it went (like many of them do) against traffic.
    they really speed.
    look in all directions and pray to G-d to protect you.
    have you mezuzos and teffilin checked regularly

  • 32. Anonymous wrote:

    Why is such a horrible video being published online? Isn’t the family going thrOugh enough? This in my opinion, is not something that should be for public viewing…. no matter the educational aspect etc.

    • 33. Good education tool! wrote:

      Every parent should show this video to their child, to teach them the danger of running into the street with out looking beforehand.
      And every driver should learn from this video to slow down at turns.

  • 34. anonymous wrote:

    no the child should not have run onto the crosswalk like that. thats very dangerous the driver could not have prevented it


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