Driver Loses Control, Crashed into Bungalow

An elderly driver and his passenger suffered minor injuries after he lost control of his SUV and slamming into a vacant bungalow in the Kol Tuv bungalow colony in Monticello, New York.

The incident happened at around 7:30pm, when Hatzalah received a call that two people were trapped inside an SUV that had crashed into a house.

The driver, an elderly Lubavitcher man, lost control of his Honda CR-V SUV while parking, ran over a gate and crashed into the summer home – which thankfully was vacant.

Miraculously, both the driver and the passenger did not suffer any serious injuries, although the house did.

Photos by JDN

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  • 1. Yossel wrote:

    The building that the car smashed into, looks just like the bungalows we used to rent when we went to the “ketskills” back in the 1980s!

  • 3. how elderly is elderly? wrote:

    Maybe the driver should not drive an SUV. Maybe he is too old to be driving any vehicle. Maybe the grass was wet and slippery. A lot of factors to consider, but BH no one was seriously hurt. It really is a 9 day miracle.

    On a lighter note, that bungalow needed demolishing – I stayed there nearly 30 years ago & it was a disgusting wreck then!

    Please everyone keep safe & be very careful how you drive, especially in the country. These are bad times.

  • 4. I hope they're fine, But... wrote:

    Why post this article? It’s an embarrassing incident in which the family of the couple- children and grandchildren- don’t have to bear seeing this online, and the probable many unintelligent comments to follow. Maybe consider taking it down…

    • 5. To Get The Message wrote:

      The driver should be so embarrassed as to not drive any more.

    • 7. ROFL - not wrote:

      If it happened to me, as someone over 60, I would stop driving immediately. Why don’t you IMAGINE what would have happened if a group of children were playing right there?

    • 8. DC wrote:

      If it happened to anyone I know I would make sure that they not only Emagin but also imagine as well what could have happened!

    • 9. reply to - ROFL - not wrote:

      You shouldn’t say that about someone over age 60. Until you know for sure that he isn’t able to drive because of his health.

      How will you feel when you become age 60+. And someone says
      that about you.

      Without investigating to see why it happened. Maybe something suddenly malfunctioned in his car without warning.

  • 10. To #9 wrote:

    I said I AM OVER 60. I already know that my reflexes are slower than when I was 40 & I am more nervous than I was. I have made it clear to my family that as soon as I feel I am not in control or that I’m not a safe driver any more, I will stop driving. I will miss the independence but I refuse to be one of these stubborn old people who are out of touch with reality and whose selfishness put others at risk. This driver has a lot to be thankful for, & I hope he reconsiders his ability to control a vehicle like an SUV.

    • 11. Reply to # 10 wrote:

      I meant to say that you shouldn’t tell someone age 60+ not to drive if he had an accident. Until you know for sure he isn’t able to drive because of his health.

      How do you know the crash was his fault (before you investigate the facts). Maybe something suddenly malfunctioned in his car without warning.


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