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Motorcyclist Critically Injured after Slamming into Car

A motorcyclist was critically injured after colliding with Lincoln Town Car in a busy Eastern Parkway intersection. Hatzalah rushed the injured rider to Kings County Hospital.

The crash occurred at around 10:45am in the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and Eastern Parkway. Witnesses said that the Town Car was making a left turn from the parkway onto Brooklyn Avenue and the motorcycle was traveling straight across Brooklyn when it collided with the Town Car mid-turn.

According to witnesses, the cyclist was travelling at a high rate of speed and the force of the collision sent the rider up over the car, landing some 15 feet away. It also completely caved in the rear passenger door of the livery vehicle.

First at the scene were Hatzalah volunteers, followed by FDNY and other EMS companies, all of whom treated the injured cyclist – who appeared to have been suffering multiple fractures and lacerations. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he is listed in critical condition.

One passenger in the town car was treated by FDNY EMS and was transported the Kings County Hospital with minor injuries.

The NYPD called in the Crash Investigation Squad due to the severity of the crash.

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  • 1. Recipe for Disaster wrote:

    Most probably both drivers were trying to beat the same red light. Years ago I saw the exact same type of accident happen at that intersection, with a motorcyclist speeding easterly and a car turning left from Eastern Parkway to Brooklyn Avenue. Before trying to beat a red light it’s important to remember that you may not be the only one trying to beat the same red light.

  • 5. Not another... wrote:

    As the child of motorcyclists I can’t tell how many people I know who have been hurt or killed by cars turning in font of them. Hopefully this man is ok and this will be a reminder to everyone to be more cautious around motorcycles–it could save a life.

  • 7. pnimi wrote:

    3 accidents in less then 4 hours in c.h….
    Brooklyn and e.n.y. 8am, and other 2 on eastern pkwy and Brooklyn. Scary!


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