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Car Bursts into Flames Due to Steering Malfunction

Last night, Tuesday, at around 10:00pm, a Jewish-owned car caught fire on Lincoln Place near Albany Ave. The driver escaped in the nick of time, seconds before the vehicle burst into flame.

An acquaintance of the vehicle’s owner told that the car’s power-steering fluid was low, and that when he was maneuvering the car back and forth (presumably to park) someone notified him that there was smoke coming from under his car’s hood.

The man immediately got out of his vehicle, and soon thereafter the car was engulfed in flames.

The fire department extinguished the blaze.

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  • 1. Mike wrote:

    It’s a new car how is it that the steering fluid is low besides what does that have to do with the car going in flames even if it is low? Just asking

  • 2. SMH wrote:

    agree with # 1

    sounds like someone had it for the driver

    it should be investigated as a hate crime

    • 3. Half Cooked wrote:

      Hard to accuse a steering mechanism of having a hateful intent, even if you want to argue the steering mechanism acted intentionally.

  • 4. Shmuel wrote:

    lets thank g-d the man wasnt hurt in the fire. May hashem bless him that he has enough money to buy a replacement car and may g-d bless him that he drives it safely.

  • 5. Oil change wrote:

    That’s what happens when you neglect oil change got that long and btw it’s negligence do insurance will not cover..

  • 7. Insurance wrote:

    These cars actually notify the driver when an oil change is needed so if it was that,!insurance still has to cover for not beeping as supposed to.

  • 8. to #7 and everyone else wrote:

    if you do not do your oil changes and damage to the engine occurs, the manufacturer and/or insurance company will NOT cover the cost of the damage PERIOD! I’ve seen a lot of people get burned because they are misinformed. a lot of them being yidden. that said. going by the information in the article above…. the above fire I will presume will be covered because it was not damaged due to lack of maintenance but bc of an oil leak (power steering fluid and not engine oil).
    new cars today have panels underneath the car to help with aerodynamics. it is possible that oil leaked and pooled on the bottom which heated up (catalyst can reach 2000 degrees) and started the fire. but we can speculate all we want. we don’t know. my suggestion to the driver is to go downtown and get the fire report then he will know what happened and what he needs to do next.
    my message to everybody else….. get your oil changes done preferably every 3 to 5 thousand miles and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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