Police Car Crashes into Parked Vehicles Amid Chase

At 1:10pm today, Monday, an unmarked police car driven by Officer Tyrese Guerrier spun out of control at the intersection of Albany Ave. and Rutland Rd. in Crown Heights and hit three parked cars.

The unmarked police car was travelling south on Albany Ave. with sirens blaring, chasing a suspect. As it came to the intersection of Rutland Road, a marked police car travelling east entered the intersection at the same time.

The unmarked car swerved to avoid hitting the police car and lost control, spinning around twice and hitting parked cars.

Thankfully, no serious injuries occurred to the police officers or to pedestrians.

Photos by Mo Gelber

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  • 2. The Gold Stalker wrote:

    This car hunts and preys on unsuspecting drivers throughout Crown Heights.

    Just TODAY I saw them pulling over people for petty meaningless offenses.

    I never want to see anyone hurt, but they spring out of no where just to give menial tickets to raise money for the City.

    This is NOT police work protecting us, but dangerous mercenary work.

    Hopefully this lady officer and her partner will be reassigned for their dangerous behavior and the dept. STOPS this borderline harassment.

  • 3. Eyes in the hood wrote:

    This officer & other women partner are the ones who enforce traffic enforcement while they themselves drive wildly & irresponsibly, putting other people in harms way, it was an accident waiting to happen.

  • 4. she should leave our community alone wrote:

    she is always parked at corner of Albany and empire, pulling people over left and right and seems that she enjoys it too.

    hopefully she learnt her lesson to be cautious as well.

  • 5. shomrim co wrote:

    Captain Worobey welcome back to crown heights next time for good thing only

  • 6. so sad wrote:

    they do such good by pulling people over
    all day , like people talking on their phones
    missing headlights, blinkers etc
    they give out lots of tickets
    since u least expect them
    they keep the community safe

    hope they fully recover

  • 7. Cohen Family wrote:

    I wonder if the cops eventually caught the perp or if he got away when the cop cars crashed?

  • 8. CH Resident wrote:

    This is the ticket/summons vehicle.

    What happened? Was the officer texting while driving (as seen on many occasions).

    They think they are Jackie Chan of police. Flying backwards to spot people in violation.

    It was only a matter of time.

  • 9. Shmuel wrote:

    very good photos.the top photo (of the two officers holding each other after the crash) is a powerful photo. that Gelber guy has a good eye for details. Glad to read that the police were not hurt in the accident.

  • 10. me wrote:

    Thanks. I saw the crashed cars and a couple of police cars by my corner and I was wondering what happened

  • 12. curious wrote:

    My problem is, that sooner or later a new menuval will come a long, and it’ll be some time before we know which car to watch out for.

  • 13. DG wrote:

    This kind of stuff happens in action movies all the time, and no one complains.

  • 14. ari wrote:

    what comes around goes around…the brown car deserved it. the brown car is what gives good cops a bad name.

  • 15. Lefferts resident. wrote:

    This duo are the most aggressive cops in our community. Just yesterday I saw them drive at about 80mph down our block!
    They give people tickets left and right.
    Most times for false things!!
    She especially is mean and dangerous.
    They are not above the law……look what happens!!

  • 16. I got a fat ticket from this lady wrote:

    Thank gd they are ok but seriously they do give out tickets like hot cakes and are notorious for fabricating stories

  • 17. Ticket givers wrote:

    I wonder if they were actually chasing a “suspect” or just trying to pull someone over for not using a blinker…

  • 18. shocked wrote:

    She must have been going at some speed to do all that damage to those cars. Who will pay for them? She should be assigned to being a beat cop.

  • 19. Gevurah Shbechsed wrote:

    This same tan undercover car targets families and friendly neighbors of our shchunah just today an hour before this accident I saw them in front of mikveh Meir giving a ticket to a family mother of 3.

  • 20. Ticket wrote:

    I saw them pull over an older Rabbi giving him a ticket for something on Empire between Kingston and Albany earlier that day

    • 22. knows everything! wrote:

      Your source is inaccurate!

      Get your facts together…

  • 23. Sara Lieb wrote:

    The police officer with her hair in a bun came to the hospital and took the report when I was in a traumatic accident. She was very nice, patient, and professional. I hope all is well.

  • 24. empire resident wrote:

    This officer gave me a seatbelt ticket without cause. As soon as I backed of my driveway I put on my belt. In fact she saw me do this and told me that she saw me pulling on my belt. When I back out of my driveway
    its impossible to keep my belt on. What did I do wrong?
    She said just go fight the ticket. May she has the time to do that, but I don’t!


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