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Car Speeding Through Red Light Ends Up in Pole

A white Honda sped through a red light on Eastern Parkway and Albany Ave. at dusk yesterday, swiping a livery cab and crashing straight into a traffic pole.

Shomrim and Hatzolah volunteers were first at the scene, and immediately treated the injured; they were transported by EMS to Kings County hospital. None of the injured were residents of Crown Heights.

Photos by Itsik Roytman


  • 1. joseph wrote:

    the honda did not pass the red light, it was green, but he was flying, i was in front of the taxi, on eastern prw. turning left on albany, the crush happend just behind me.

  • 2. dont get it wrote:

    why do they need to block off the entire street because of this accident.

    its about time nyps and ems learn how to do this without causing traffic

  • 3. zushe wrote:

    Why is hatzalah spending their time on money to help non-residents of crown heights?

    i give them my hard earned money so they can help our fellow yidden, each call is thousands of dollars, its one thing if a hatzalah guy is at the scene of the accident but to get a hatzala ambulance is a waste of yidishe gelt.

    let them wait for the city ambulance

    stop waisting our hard earned jewish money

  • 5. FDNY EMT wrote:

    to # 1
    you are a moron…a life is a life and your “hard earned money is helping hatzolah save lives…or maybe you waould rather a repeat of the roits or something worse. god bless the members of hatzolah for giving up their own time with out pay to save lives and help all people regardless of race or religion
    to # 2) over the years there have been multiple EMS, FDNY and NYPD personel injured and in some cases killed while operating on the scene of emergencies by reckless drives..they block down complete streets, intersections and even highways so that they may do their job safely.

    and since I am writing this I would like to thank all the members of hatzolah, shomrim, NYPD, FDNY and EMS everywhere for the amazing work that they do. may god bless you all and keep you safe.

  • 6. bystander from begining wrote:

    He was were treated and transported by Hatzalah only. Everyone else where on scene helping out with traffic, and crowd control….

  • 7. To #1 wrote:

    Hey, they did not block off the whole street, traffic was moving from all ends. Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT that EMS personnel work in a safe setting (and not ChasV”lm get struck by passing vehicles.) So, if they need to shut a lane, they should. I was there, I think they parked fine.

  • 8. fdnydude + another hood hatz! wrote:

    ok ok to the mad men above – when hatzolo is called they treat anyone period end of story – if you don’t like that concept move to Anchorage Alaska …. when HATZOLO is called we respond….and a call does not cost thousands of dollars and finally you should get help, really.

    Blocking off the street is a critical part of emergency management. If the street is not closed the risk to emergency providers is very high. You waouldn’t want that I’m sure.

  • 9. resident wrote:

    next time hatzala makes a raffle im sure it will be full of our gosyshe neighbors!

  • 10. Hope for a better tomorrow wrote:

    Gotta say for the hour that it seems there is a great response to the accident, good work everyone!!

  • 11. fact wrote:

    1 – non-Jewish people do not appreciate hatzala coming to save their lives

    2 – we yidden need to be smarter and never call hatzala if there are no yidden involved in the accident – # 1 writes that if hatzala is there they must treat them but we should not call them if they are not needed

  • 12. Not the 1st Accident @ this Intersection wrote:

    This is a common intersection for accidents – there was another one here during chol hamoed Pesach.

    Perhaps the timing needs to be adjusted on the lights or a red light camera installed.

    I live on this block and refuse to let my kids cross the street by themselves.


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