Two Garages Collapse after Retention Wall Fails

Two garages on Carroll Street collapsed into the back yard of a Crown Street house after a 20 foot retention wall failed and came crumbling down early Friday morning.

The incident occurred at around 7:00am in the back yards of 1644 Carroll Street and 743 Crown Street. One resident told that it sounded like “two trucks crashed into each other, like a bomb had gone off”. As he looked out his window, he saw the rear of his garage was missing.

A section of a 20 foot retention wall failed and collapsed, sending a shower of a debris down on to three cars that were parked in the yard. Luckily, no one was there and there were no reported injuries.

Firefighters, police officers and representatives of the city’s office of emergency management and the department of buildings were all on scene.

Sources in the fire department said that the collapse was probably due to the copious amounts of rain the neighborhood had recently seen, along with poor maintenance of the old wall.

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  • Live on Empire

    We are just waiting for Montgomery to fall into our back yard, as well.

  • the stroller

    looks just fine!
    Those cars are in pretty bad condition. BH no one got hurt. There should be some type of maintenance inspection system so people can know if anything needs to be fixed on a regular basis.

    • Maintenance

      That some type of maintenance inspection should be done by the homeowners themselves!

  • blue van

    my son’s van — ironically he got his new car registration in the mail today, think he can get his money back?

  • malcab

    looking as some of the close-up pics of the garage looks like the ground under is eroding –

    b’h – a pure miracle no one was in their car getting ready to leave

  • Joe Smith

    This just shows the importance of proper maintenance and using reputable contractors when doing work around the house or on structures outside. This was avoidable had the owner of the wall maintained it properly. While proper maintenance may be expensive, look at what happens when you don’t maintain your property. They are lucky no one was smushed.