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5 Injured in an Accident with a Rollover

At around 12:30 this afternoon a SUV attempted to make a left turn from Empire Blvd. onto Kingston Ave. but was T-Boned by a car service who was traveling in the opposite direction down Empire the result of which was that the SUV rolled onto its driver side, and trapping the three people inside.

3 Shomrim members who witnessed the scary crash immediately called for backup and for Emergency Services, the few member then donned protective gear and removed the three trapped people from the SUV and laid them down on the sidewalk to await medical treatment from Emergency medical Service.

More pictures and a video clip in the Extended Article.

Hatzalah responded to the call along with FDNY EMS and treated the patients including two additional ones from the car service, the driver and his passenger, a total of 5 ambulances arrived on scene. All the patients were transported to Kings County Hospital and all were listed in stable condition with minor injuries.

Shomrim members that were on scene were trained in a course known as CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), they were trained by FDNY and Police trainers and are certified to hand small scale MCI’s (Mass Casualty Incident). Their training proved very useful at the scene.

NYPD ESU then up righted the SUV and await road tow to come and clear the vehicles. Traffic on Empire was backed up for nearly and hour. There were no Yidden involved in this incident.

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  • 4. me wrote:

    very kool!
    very nice video clip, and it would be even nicer if ure voice wasn’t in it! lol
    but good job. thnx

  • 6. fp wrote:

    be careful everyone crossing the cars around this time of year are the worst i cross with a baby every day and i look along time before i cross drivers watch out dont be in a hurry to make the lights look where your going you might hurt yourself or someone else i cant tell you how many near misses ive had with crazy drivers in a hurry who dont think or look where there going if you cant drive right walk

  • 7. reckless wrote:

    those intersectins need lights for turning… how many times cars try to take that turn while cars are coming straight??! same for the corner of troy/empire and new york ave/empire…

  • 9. Duby wrote:

    not to be the “frummy” one (oh i always hate the chinyuked person who comments) – but i just wanted to comment that i noticed A LOT of pics of the injured people. I always learned that we’re not supposed to “watch” someone suffer… it aint nice….
    am i totally worng ?

    i dont know, it felt a little invading of privacy.. espcially all those wonderfull people standing on the sides glaring, as if they have nothing better to do than watch people be taken away on stretchers. i dont know, just a thought.

  • 10. all we can learn is a lesson wrote:

    it is a pity that ppl dont have commen scence and to do somrthing so stupid like that well i hope now ppl learn there lesson it is a pity but ppl need to really think b4 they do

  • 11. HASHEM YERACHAIM wrote:

    yr right ,,maybe our great community bord should put a turning light ,,b/4 someone has to pay for it with there life,, yeci our people

  • 14. incompacitated.... wrote:


    This is not normal!!

    Ppl. should be just 3 percent more normal and know what their doing when their driving!!!

    It’s a matter of life and death. And also I think the pictures of the ppl on the stretchers should NOT be placed out for the public.

  • 15. BrookAve wrote:

    Can’t a guy eat a shwarma and hummous in a pita in PEACE? Empire and Kingston is an accident magnet.

  • 16. Mom wrote:

    This was NASTY!!

    It’s a Chanukah miracle that a) no Yidden involved & b) no one was seriously hurt. Reckless is right…we need turning signals @ all streets, let’s not forget Albany/Empire (from Albany).

    Great job again, Shomrim & Hatzalah. You make us proud!

  • 17. please consider our emotions too wrote:

    in the future could you please put “There were no Yidden involved in this incident.” higher up in the article, so that we don’t have to be as emotionally stressed over goyim.
    true an accident is an accident and they are humans, but am yisroel have stronger feelings for our brothers and would appreciate being able to breathe again at the beginning of the article, rather than at the end.
    thank you for your consideration.

  • 18. 4th to last pic wrote:

    please explain the fourth to last pic… which car is that? what is the $10,000 paper?

  • 19. mendy wrote:

    Drivers at that intersection (including city buses) are always trying to beat the light and the traffic and the pedestrians often get overlooked. For a long time time now I don’t cross there but go further up to Montgomery or Crown to cross (it’s not out of my way). I actually called 311 to complain about the intersection and asked for a turning light to be put in.

  • 20. SUV wrote:

    What was all that stuff coming out of the SUV????
    I guess they really live in their cars!!!

  • 21. poeple r peolpe no matter the color wrote:

    just because they r guyim it doesnt mean that we shoulndt care they r ppl to as well as jews and hatzalah is not only for jews they r there for all no matter a jew or not

  • 22. please be considerate wrote:

    if you dont mind, please dont put up pictures of injured people and people on strechers. 1- they probably wouldnt appreciate it 2- its not nice on our part to see it.

  • 23. mn wrote:

    in general, you should not removed injured people from a car unless they are in immediate danger (fire, etc), otherwise you should let trained EMS/Hatzoloh move them.

    the following is from:
    (I know that’s UK, that’s what google turned up first, but this is not about rules, it just makes sense).

    <b>Should I take an injured person out of a car or should I treat them in it?</b>

    It depends on the accident scene and the condition of the person. For example, if there is a risk of fire, you may have to move the person to a place of safety.

    However, many conditions can be treated while the person remains in the car, and there are some conditions where it is advisable to leave the person in the car until the ambulance arrives. For example, a person with neck and spinal injuries should only be moved if absolutely necessary. If you are able, ensure their airway is open by tilting the head back and lifting the chin while they are sitting in the car.

    If someone is in the car in an awkward position, try to get behind them and put your hands on either side of their face with your fingertips on the angle of the jaw. Gently lift the jaw to open the airway. Take care not to tilt the casualty’s neck.

    If the person is unconscious and requires C.P.R (chest compressions and rescue breathing), it will work more effectively if the person is laying flat on a hard surface. In this situation, you should first move the person from the car.

  • 26. Mendy in Midwest wrote:

    1) hatzoloh may have been called on instinct – besides hashem did make all of us

    2)we should all take a moment and think a lot of stuff is going on in our lives we need to slow down – not just when we turn but even if we are going straight

    3) nice pics & video

    4)glad no one DOA

  • 27. Mendel Fitzhume wrote:

    Great photos! Thank G-d no one was killed! Why do we keep seeing photos of the police doing to job of the tow truck operator?

  • 28. interesting to note wrote:

    What’s interesting is that I’ve noticed that alot and I mean alot of accidents reported here were with an SUV.


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