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2 Car Pile Up, Literally

At around 4:00pm this afternoon a Minivan driven by a yiddishe driver was making a right turn from Albany Ave onto Crown St ended up on the hood of another car. The driver of the Minivan said that he was making his turn when the other car driven by a yiddishe woman all of a sudden pulled out of a parking spot while the woman said she was standing and he was making the turn to fast.

FDNY and Police responded and had a large crowd of children just being dismissed from Lubavitcher Yeshiva located right at that corner. B”H no one was hurt.

More pictures and a video clip in the Extended Article.


  • 4. shprintza leah chaya mushka chana gneshe wrote:

    Where can i get a link to the video clip? i dont see it

  • 7. CH MOTHER B H wrote:

    Is a very dangerous corner for that parking spot I go there all the time e/one please be eztra careful over there.

  • 8. Mendel Fitzhume! wrote:

    I never realised that the police provided towing service complete with an armed officer driving the tow truck! Thank G-d no one was badly injured…Good photos too!

  • 9. Joseph wrote:

    A “he said, she said” situation (quite literally.)

    Typically in this case, the minivan driver will be deemed non responsible since the other driver was coming out a parking lot, and there is no admission of speed.

  • 11. 555 wrote:

    How does a van end up on top of a car???

    Hope they’re both insured. Still, the damage doesn’t look too bad.

    My building looks quite good, doesn’t it?

  • 13. I Became a NY driver wrote:

    You’ve got to be really talented to do that! Truth is… it happens. You think you see, you think you check but you just don’t see everthing.

  • 17. ami23avf wrote:

    hahah i LOVE the headline of the article (two car pile up, literally)
    very cute!!

  • 19. BrookAve wrote:

    Look, nobody was at fault. The woman in the menora car had latkes and apple sauce on her mind. The man in a hurry wanted to make mincha by an avel. Is that a good senario? What else could it have been…dizziness, stupidity or maybe on a cell phone???

  • 22. CHITAS wrote:


    Obviously, there was a CHITAS in the cars.
    Could you explain Al Pi Teva, how the van managed to land “only” on the hood…no one got hurt…

    A freilichen Chanukah!!

  • 23. london rock!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    hello here in london we dont have these type of things mayb we do but we do not advertize it who said thoese ppl want every1 to see how clumsy they are
    all lubvitchers shopuld stand up 2gather a say wow bh no1 was killled not sayin “the video clip was rlly cool”


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