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Serious 4 Car Crash On Empire and Kingston

At around 12:00am last night a drunk driver in a late model Nissan Maxima got behind the wheel of his car while intoxicated, he was speeding down Empire towards Kingston when he collided with the rear end of a minivan with 4 Jewish girls forcing the van into the rear of a car waiting at the intersection.

The Maxima bounced off the Minivan and went flying into oncoming traffic and crashed head on into an older Toyota station wagon. The street covered in a shower of bits and pieces of plastic, glass and pieces of metal. Patrolling Shomrim members heard the loud series of bangs and arrived on scene immediately and began notifying Hatzalah, EMS and Police who arrived on scene shortly after the call.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

The drunk driver, a Black Male, was knocked unconscious from the impact and was removed from his car by Shomrim Members, which was leaking all kinds of fluids, and laid on the street while other Shomrim Members tended to the driver he collided with, also a Black male and the Jewish girls in the minivan. Both drivers were taken by EMS to Kings County Hospital, the Drunk driver in hand cuffs.

The Minivan with the Jewish Girls sustained significant damage but none of the passengers complained of being hurt, as well as the Bochurim who were in the car in front of them.

Empire was blocked off for traffic for nearly 2 hours.


  • 2. vivi wrote:


    that sounds really serious!!!
    thanks to the shomrim police and hatzala members.

    B”H the 4 girls were not hurt!!!

  • 5. CHITAS wrote:

    I am ready to bet that there was a CHITAS in the jewish van,and thus the miraculous way no one was injured.

  • 6. BrookAve wrote:

    Can’t a guy eat shwarma in piece without all that racket outside? Empire Grill rocks!

  • 8. ss wrote:

    to the driver of the mini van,
    hope all is cool and e.t is ok…
    besurot tovot
    ps the production was gr8!

  • 9. ephraim - big brother wrote:

    refuah shlaimah chani. feel better b. and m. sre coming home soon. love. ephraim.

  • 11. 8th grader wrote:

    We are so glad that you are OK!

    MAy this be the worst thing you ever have to encounter.

    We love you!

    The Bais Rivkah students

  • 12. The Girls in The Car wrote:

    To our unbelievable driver:
    So glad to hear that you are doing ok…we feel for you! Thanks for the ice cream! Was well worth it! G-d willing, next year, same time…we’ll be there! love you tons!!!!

  • 14. feel better wrote:

    dear cr,cs,cw and mg bh ure fine…feel better. we miss u in school!!!!!!!!
    ps. im not writting your full name cuz of the T issue

  • 15. ss wrote:


  • 16. guess who wrote:

    omg chanie i was like ssoo worried about you-thank heaven ur alright — next time dont miss a good farbrengen.. jkjk-


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