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Accident Flips Ambulette Van, No Serious Injuries

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] – An accident between an ambulette van and a sedan caused a scary overturn, but there were no serious injuries reported.

The incident took place at the intersection of East New York and Brooklyn Avenue, where eyewitnesses say the sedan took the red light and hit the van in the rear, causing it to spin around and eventually roll on its side.

EMS responded and treated the drivers at the scene.

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  • 1. Mendel wrote:

    It is good that after this crash is done the police come to the scene with the small janitorial vehicle. These men are fully equipped to clean up after the Emergency Responders have taken care of the injured people. They have compartments full with brooms, shovels and trash containers. They also bring a giant chain so that they can drag a vehicle that is flipped over and get it out of the way so that they can sweep up the glass, plastic and other waste.

    Thank you to our E.M.S., our Firefighters and our volunteer E.M.T.’s who all save lives everyday in our community!

    Thank you also to the two people in the blue and white truck who cleaned up our street!


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