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Shula Swerdlov OBM, 3, Killed in Horrific Accident

JERUSALEM, Israel [CHI] — Shula Swerdlov, a 3 and a half year old girl was fatally injured in a hit and run accident in the Rechavia neighborhood of Jerusalem. Volunteers in the United Hatzalah organization responded to the scene and for a long hour attempted to revive the girl then transporting her to a local hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

Shula is the daughter of a Rabbi Yossi and Hindel Swerdlov who work in the Tourisim outreach division of Tzerei Agudat Chabad in Israel, and grandparents Reb Leibel and Miriam Swerdlov in Crown Heights.

One of the first responders said “I arrived at the scene after hearing the call come over my radio and found the girl in very bad shape. Turns out she was hit by a bus she just got off of when attempting to cross to her brother who was waiting for her. The driver probably didn’t even notice he ran her over.”

Police searched for the driver and later found him nearby and he was detained for questioning.

Preparations for the Levaya are being made now in Jerusalem and we will post more details as they become available.

The scene of the horrific crash. Photo:


  • 2. Hirshy Minkowicz wrote:

    Oh my G-d. Yossi and Hindel we are so shocked by this terrible news. May Hashem give you and your family strength.

    Hirshy & Rashi Minkowicz
    Alpharetta, GA

  • 4. Former Shabbos Guest wrote:

    They are the nicest people. They do so much chesed. May Hashem help them get through this terrible time.

  • 5. norman ferstenberg wrote:

    we just heard the news. it never makes sense to us how such terrible things can happen to such good people. we are at a complete loss for words. may hashem help you and comfort you through this very difficult and painful time.

    all our love, karrielyn, norman, tova and alex ferstenberg

  • 6. malca bayzman wrote:

    boruch dayini emes — my heart go out to the entire swerdlov family. may the abishter give you comfort and strength.

  • 7. an old friend of the family wrote:

    OMG. Baruch dayan haemet. We need Moshiach so badly. This is terrible news. I know the Swerdlov family from my days in Crown Heights. Such amazing people. I have no words. The crying just doesn’t stop these days. First Devorie, now this. Hashem yerachem.

  • 8. M. Heber wrote:

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem and all of Klall Yisroel May Hashem give you the strength to endure this.

  • 10. deeply saddened wrote:

    I have never met the Swerlovs before, yet I have heard the most wonderful things about them from an array of people. Many of which are on the younger side and have encounterd there hospitality and warmth. Let us all Daven that Hashem give these wonderful people the strenght that is neccesary to continue there good work. Moshiach now!

  • 12. Yakar wrote:

    this is horrible beyond words.
    May G-d bless this wonderful family as only he can.
    Moshiach. Now.

  • 15. Boruch Dayon Ha-Emes wrote:

    She was such a sweet little girl – the only girl in her family.

  • 16. CH mother wrote:

    Baruch Dayan haEmes. May Hashem comfort the family and extended family, and give us the ultimate comfort with Moshiach now. I cried when I read this.

  • 17. Avrohom & Devorah Baila Spadone wrote:

    Hamokom Yenachem Eschem….I am so terribly shocked and sorry…our whole family feels for you

  • 18. very sad wrote:

    baurch dayen haemes this is soooo sad i personally know the swerdlov family they are such amazing people may hashem bring mashiach now so we can be reunited with your daughter shula a”h

  • 19. David kaufman wrote:

    It is with great sadness that I just heard the terrible news. Rabbi Yossi officiated at my son’s Bar Mitzvah a year ago June. He is such a kind man and I am so sorry that this tragedy has falled on Rabbi Yossi and Mischpacha…Baruch Dayan Hames

  • 20. US delegation of Shluchim wrote:

    Hamakom Yinachem Eschem B’soch Shear Aveilai Tzion V’Yerushalayim!!! On behalf of the US Shluchim that were in Israel for the Holtzberg Levaya who were so well cared for by Rabbi Swerdlov, we wish you a true Nichum and only simchas for your family in the future!!!

  • 21. NK wrote:

    We need Moshiach now. May Hashem comfort Yossi and Hindel and their families and send Moshiach now so that they can be reunited with their precious daughter.

  • 23. ARON wrote:

    im truely and deeply devestated on the loss of the swardlov’s child may she cry out to hashem on behalf of her family and klal yisroal because her tears will touch the essence of hashem which wiil make hashem bring moshiach
    be strong we here with you in your time of mouring we a family AM YISROAL VLEV ECHAD

  • 24. oy wrote:

    OY! Hamakom yenachem eschem, what a terrible tradgedy, my heart goes out to the family, may G-d give them strength, and may moshiach come very soon so that they can be reunited with their little girl.

  • 25. Mrs. Fradie Chein wrote:

    Hamakom Yinachem Eschem… May this little precious Neshamah call out to hashem with greater strength than we can to hasten up the Geulah.May Hashem give you all the strength you need to go on doing all the Amazing Work that you have been doing up until now. Moshiach Now! .

  • 26. Shabbos guests from 2008 wrote:

    we are in shock and terribly saddened by the news…we got to know the Swerdlovs last summer in Israel and such a horrible tragedy couldn’t happen to a nicer family.

  • 27. terribly saddened wrote:

    such sad news she was such a sweet beautiful little girl and this is such an amazing family who had my friends and i over for Shabbos meals and do so much for everyone in the Jewish community. Baruch Dayon Ha-Emes

  • 28. -mushka wrote:

    What can one say? there are no words. The Swerdlovs are truelly special people who give their lives over to help others. Hashem should have rachmanos and give them their little girl back right now!
    we are here for you!

  • 29. Hashem Yirachem! wrote:

    I am reading this and crying,, Hashem where is Moshiach,, do u see how much kindness there is in this world?? I am sure You know what You are doing,, but for us, small minded people down here in Oilem Hazeh,, this is so painful. Please,, Ad Mosai,, Rebbe, these are your shluchim that are hurting,, Protect them! Moshiach, these are Your lamplighters, that will light the path when u come, from the selfless way they live their lives,, We can not wait any more!




    MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 31. BSD wrote:

    Baruch Dayen Emes!
    I am deeply pained to hear of (yet another) tzara in Bnie Yisroel.
    Hashem, have Rachamanos and give us Moshiach now!

  • 33. sarah karmely wrote:

    Words cannot describe how this affects us all. May Hashem grant everyone the strength to get through this. The Swerdlov family, we are with you in your pain. May this precious neshomale go and bring Moshiach now.

  • 34. Shocked wrote:

    Baruch Dayan Haemes! Hashem, how much more can your children bear? You agreed that the children would be the guarantors for your Holy Torah? How can you take them away? A child so young – what has she done wrong in her short life that it was taken away so suddenly and brutally? We need Moshiach now!

  • 35. anonymous wrote:

    Baruch Dayan Emes. There are simply no words to say. I am in total shock. May her neshoma have an aliya and demand from the Aibishster to send MOSHIACH NOW. Sincere condolences to both the Leibal & Miryam as well to Yossi and Hindel and families. Hamokom yenachem aschem btoch shear aveili tzion veyerusholaim. May we only have simcahs to share with each other with the coming of MOSHIACH NOW!!

  • 37. :( wrote:

    Baruch Dayan Emes
    such a sad story.
    we can’t keep havin things like this happen.

  • 38. rikki wrote:

    I knew Hindel and Yossi very well and that’s why I can’t come to terms with this awful horrific news why did this happen to the nicest family I know there are the most amazing people no one should have to experience such tragedy such may G-D give them the strength to get through this

  • 39. OY wrote:

    Yossi I was so saddened and shocked by this terrible news Hashem will definitely give you the necessary strength to pull through.

    Hamokoim Yinachem Eschem ………………

    Zalman Dubov

  • 40. So sad to hear about this tragedy wrote:

    When I took my 3 year old daughter off the schoolbus yesterday, I hugged her a little tighter, and I swallowed my tears just imagining life without her even for a moment. The loss of a child is the most unbearable pain there is. My thoughts are with the family. May Hashem comfort you.

  • 43. Just another Yid wrote:

    Hamokom yenachem aschem btoch shear aveili Tzion veYerusholaim.

    It is always the tzaddikim who are given the hardest tests. The heart of klal yisroel is broken and we mourn with you.
    May Hashem give you all strength.

  • 44. Terrible news. wrote:

    I wish there was some tiny way I could help ease your pain, but I cannot, other than to tell you that all of klal yisrael mourns with you. I hope that some day you and the rest of your family find some way to get past this unbelievable tragedy. Hamakom yenachem.

  • 45. Norma Hillman wrote:

    Dear Miriam & entire family, I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read of the terrible tragedy that has befallen your entire family. With deepest sympathy, Baruch Dayan Ha Emess…..
    Norma Hillman

  • 46. Friends in Rio de Janeiro wrote:

    Hi Miriam,

    We are all shocked and sad to hear this.

    May Hashem confort you and your family and give you strength, such as you give us strength everytime we go there.

    With love,
    Your Brazilian friends

  • 47. Rabbi Yosef and Mrs. Minkowitz, Montreal wrote:

    We are speechless.
    Hamakom Yinachem Eschem bisoch shaar avlailai tziyon viyurushalayim.
    Ad Masai, we need Moshiach NOW!

  • 48. Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb wrote:

    Alta Shula carries the name of her bubbe, a dear, dear friend and a great source of inspiration to many of the earlier shluchos, Alta Shula Deitsch Shwartz obm.When Alta Shula Shwartz left us so young and unexpectedly the Rebbe spoke about Ahavas Yisroel, the importance of limiting drinking to certain prescribed boundaries and more attention to tznius for women. I was living in California at the time and thought there could never be such a devastating moment in my life again.Years have passed and yet more devastating moments have occurred. I must admit I had forgotten the poignancy of The Rebbe’s words at that moment. I personally, will be more careful in regard to Ahavas Yisroel and Tznius in their memory. We REALLY want Moshiach now!

  • 49. Elke (Cohen) Goldberg wrote:

    my heart aches for you,Hindel. may Hashem end your suffering by bringing Moshiach right now

  • 50. Adrienne Malka wrote:

    Dear Yossi, Hindel, Olivia & Schwartzie:

    I am deeply moved and saddened to learn of the untimely loss of your little girl/grandaughter. With the help of HaShem, I know your whole family will find your ways past this unthinkable tragedy. I can’t even imagine the pain this has caused. Ha-Makom yenachem etchem b’tokh sh’arr aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.

    Adrienne Malka
    (Los Angeles Schwartz friend)

  • 51. PRAY FOR MOSHIACH wrote:

    I’m still waiting to wake up from this nightmare Yossi and his family are like family to me and my family. I havnt stoped thinking about this tragity I was with yossi this past shabbat right b4 the accidnt and I can’t stop cryn. WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW

  • 52. Yosef Zukin - Beit Lubavitch - Rio wrote:

    Baruch Dayan HaEmet!
    May HaShem comfort your whole family, including us, your family from Rio – Brazil.
    HaMakom Yenachem Etchem Betoch Shear Avelei Tsyion veYerushalayim.
    HaShem, we really need Mashiach NOW! Please! Do it for Yourself! Do it for the dear Family Swerdlov!

  • 53. annonymous wrote:


    my mother knows shula’s OBM mother. I feel the pain-its terrible, my family also went through a hard time whe I lost my sister.

  • 54. Tziviah Kesselman wrote:

    Boruch Dayin Emes,sending out my condolences,and just know all of klal yisroel is mourning with you,may we merit to see moshiach come speedily!

  • 55. Former Sydney resident wrote:

    I knew Hindel when I was a teen and she was in Sydney for a year. She is one of the nicest upbeat people I have ever met I am without words to express my sadness for her loss and my thoughts are with her and her family at this difficult time.

  • 56. Moshiach we are waiting wrote:

    Hashem we mamash need MOSHIACH, The Yiddenhave suffered ENOUGH!!!

  • 57. JENNY SOCIHER wrote:

    From Evan,Jenny Glen and Matthew Soicher ,Rose Bay, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA
    We have cherished memories of GLEN’s Barmitzvah shabbat dinner with your whole family and ours and then the barmitzvah.

    We are deeply shocked and saddened and We share in your sorrow and mourn your devastating loss,There are no words at this time.May you find the strength to go on ahead dear Hindel,Yossi and family .This comes with much love, having just spoken to you in Sydney recently on your visit here with wounded Isralei soldiers.


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