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Crash on Empire and Kingston, Multiple Injured

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A high-speed collision in the intersection of Kingston Avenue and Empire Boulevard left havoc in its wake. The incident took place at around 11:30pm and according to eye witnesses both cars, a BMW SUV and a Nissan sedan, were speeding and collided sending both of them into parked cars.

The force of the impact completely lopsided the sedan and critically injuring one of the passengers, while none of the passengers or drivers were Jewish one pedestrian, a Bochur, was injured after being stuck by a hail of debris.

FDNY, EMS and Hatzalah all responded to the scene and treated the patients and transported them to local hospitals.


  • 1. what was all that for? wrote:

    so much for the new traffic pettern slowing down cars.

  • 3. YY wrote:

    Thank G-d it wasn’t Jewish drivers and Black cars parked-there would have been a riot.

  • 5. Wanda Ring wrote:

    Which directions were these cars going? How did this happen? Did someone pass a red light? Speed alone will not cause a collision.

  • 7. Traffic calm wrote:

    An accident after the “traffic calm”
    I think there are a a little less accidents,

    But 1- why did they pick and choose where to put a pedestrian island. why does’nt Kingston and albany get one?

    2- Boruch Hashem bikers realized the big danger of dirving a bike on a street with cars, I hope the few people that use it wont get hurt.

    I hope everyone is OK!

  • 8. safe driver wrote:

    the 2 most annoying drivers are the “Nissan Maxima’s” and teh “Taxi’s”.
    Taxis think their the only drivers,
    Maximas drive like idiots.


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