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27 Years Since Murder of Pesha Leah Lapine, HYD

27 years ago, on the 2nd of Adar Aleph, Mrs. Pesha Leah Lapine, HYD, was murdered al kiddush hashem. The horrific killing shocked the community, and the Rebbe took it very personally – attending her Levaya with pain visible on his face. A gallery of photos from that Levaya was acquired and restored by JEM, and can be viewed in the extended article – along with the translated diary of an Israeli Bochur who transcribed his firsthand account of the events of that fateful day.

Video of the Day

While in the wreckage of Rabbi Lankry’s Yeshivah in Liberty, NY, the healing powers of song was caught on video. The yeshivah, seen in the video, was set on fire and defaced with swastikas. The video captures the moment the bochurim and hanholah stood in the wreckage of the yeshivah, and sang.

3rd Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Gordon OBM

As a meaningful way of commemorating the 3rd yahrtzeit of Rabbi Joshua Gordon OBM, a campaign was launched through Chabad of the Valley to encourage people to participate in the daily study of Chitas and Rambam by giving them easy access to Rabbi Gordon’s online Daily Torah Classes.

8:00pm: How Do You Explain Chassidim Violating the Rebbe’s Limit on Drinking?

The topics in this week’s 247th episode of the highly acclaimed popular MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Do You Explain Chassidim Violating the Rebbe’s Limit on Drinking? How Do We Balance Parental Influences with Finding Our Own Path? Why in Our Prayers Is Mention Made Only of Males and Not Females? What Can Be Done to Preserve a Marriage in Which a Spouse Suffers from a Personality Disorder? Do We Have an Obligation to Speak About the Prohibition of Abortion in Our Politically Charged Climate? What Is the Story with The Bible Unauthorized? Follow-Up: Can Anyone Just Print the Rebbe’s Talks and Disseminate His Images? Are there lessons from the Rebbe about the recent bitter cold?

Video of the Day

Only in Israel might you find a group of uniformed soldiers dancing at a bus station. This video, reportedly taken Friday before shabbos, shows a large group of soldiers dancing around the Chabad tefillin table at Jerusalem’s central bus station. If you know any details on the story behind the video, share it with others in the comments.