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Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee’s take on Israel

WELLESLEY, MA [CHI] — Yehoshua Bedrick, who is the gabbai at the Wellesley-Weston Chabad and a legislator, hosted President hopeful Rep. Mike Huckabee in his home for a kosher breakfast. Before Rabbi Moshe Bleich, Shliach in Wellesley Massachusetts asked him questions about Israel.

Listen to him speaking about the Palestinians and the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.


  • 2. DeIsraeli wrote:

    …the question is, would Israel want the US embassy in Jerusalem?
    Hukabee is smarter than any Israeli politician!

  • 3. yechiel wrote:

    If only Israeli leadership had enough commonsense as some non Jewish politicians, who say it as is, w/o selfish political filters, distorting their judgment -to do what’s best for Israel’s security,

    I wonder however how much of what Huckabee said (thinking he was) "off the record" would he dare to state publicly!

    clearly intelligent sensible human beings see (in horror) the self-defeating apologetic posture of Israeli leadership, and conclude that if Israelis don’t feel worthy of standing up for their right to exist in security, why in the world should anyone else rescue them from their own grave they have so consistently dug for them selves, if it wasn’t so tragic it would be comical, to watch a few yet powerful politicians betray their country and nation this way, do to their blatant inferiority complex as Jews! And imagined personal political gain!

    Maybe if these "secularists" had been educated properly about their own faith and rich heritage, they would appreciate there Jewish-ness enough to demonstrate some appropriate self respect! Rather than forever seeking the approval of the world.

    They don’t realize that they would garner far more respect from the world-community by standing up for them selves!! Vs. their current apologetic-appeasing posture which does anything but generates respect!


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