The “Tenuah,” the Authentic and the Modern

Produced, arranged and sung by Mendel Markel (Pittsburgh), two new recordings are the first releases of a project to record and publicize Chabad nigunim. The focus is on nigunim that previously have not been professionally recorded and/or are not well known. According to Markel, “the goal is to present these nigunim as accurately as possible and in a way that is also musically pleasing for people of all ages and backgrounds to listen to. That’s not always easy, as adding contemporary arrangements can easily influence the production to stray from the authentic “taam”. So it becomes very important to record a reference track first and continually go back and compare along the process. The more variant the arrangement style, the more care must go in to preserve the authenticity of the nigun.”

The tenuah was composed by Rabbi Moshe Morosow z”l, son of the famous chosid Reb Chonye Morozov hy”d. Markel first heard the nigun from the well known mashpia and baal menagen, Rabbi Yosef Deren Shu”b of Pittsburgh. He also consulted with Rabbi Mendel Morosow (Crown Heights), son of the composer of the tenuah, to ensure accuracy. It has now been released in two versions: a traditional but modern classical arrangement, “Tenuah of Reb Moshe Morosow” and a hard rock/progressive metal version, “The Movement”.

According to Rabbi Dovid Markel (Jerusalem), noted author, chassidic scholar and director of the Neirot Foundation, “the lyrics are based on a aphorism of the Alter Rebbe that he was wont to say at various times when he would enter a state of d’veykus: (trans.) “I don’t want your upper worlds, I don’t want your lower worlds, I want only you alone (yourself)”. The nigun is what is referred to in the Chabad-chassidic jargon as a “Tenuahs Ga’aguim” or a “movement of yearning”. This type of nigun is classified in that it is not an entire song, but rather a single refrain and expression of a chassid’s longing to cleave to G-D Almighty.”

The production of this nigun was sponsored by the Firtell and Ganoza families in loving memory of their beloved father and grandfather, Hernan Donn ob”m, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his passing. To sponsor a nigun in honor or in memory of a loved one, email

Composed by: Rabbi Moshe Morosow z”l
Produced and arranged by: Mendel Markel
Vocals: Mendel Markel
Classical Guitars (traditional version): Meir Shitrit
Electric Guitars (rock version): Meir Shitrit
Bass (rock version): Leemarc Ferguson
Drums (rock version): Silvio Centamore
String Arrangement: Miguel Vargas
Violin: Luisana Hernandez
Cello: Manuel Osuna
Flute: Miguel Vargas
Double Bass: Victor Trejo
Sound Engineer: Luis Colmenares
Creative Consultant: Dovid Taub
Mendel Markel Productions

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