Video: Did Adam Ever Eat an Apple?

Most people think that Adam and Eve ate an apple in the Garden of Eden, but that’s a big misconception. How did this misconception start? Rabbi Pinchas Taylor quickly explains the history.


  • 1. Pinchas Who? wrote:

    Who the heck is Pinchas Taylor and why didn’t he make a brocha ha’eitz before slamming that apple?

    • 5. Joe Cool wrote:

      It’s relevant to Pinchas Taylor because it makes Pinchas Taylor relevant.

  • 7. Haskama from a legend? wrote:

    Wow he’s got a photo of himself with baseball hall of gamer Reggie Jackson on his website.

  • 8. This was great wrote:

    Geared to people who want to know stuff in a dignified manner! No of color jokes or silly antics that disgrace the Torah cv”s.
    Chabad lite may not appreciate it. But the rest of us do.
    Keep up the great work. I’d love to see more of this.

  • 9. Eli - Zohar on Pri EtzHaDaat wrote:

    Some sections of the Zohar discusses how the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or the ‘Etz HaDaat’ are ‘Anavim’ or Grapes. If one does a Sefaria source search on the above two terms in Hebrew the Talmudic and Zoharic sources will be listed with additional Midrash.


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