Taylor Talks: Why Do We Call G-d ‘He’?

G-d’s not a certain gender. In fact, G-d’s not limited or defined accurately with any terms.

Anthropomorphic terms are used in Judaism to bring out a spiritual concept in a way that human beings can relate to in a meaningful way. So when the Bible says, “the Hand” of G-d, or that G-d “spoke” that doesn’t mean that G-d has a hand or mouth, it’s referring to spiritual abilities and tasks.

Angels are another prime example of this. They’re described as having wings. “Wings” does not mean physical wings, because angels are spiritual entities. “Wings” symbolizes their yearning to constantly ascend or “fly up” spiritually and be closer to G-d. It’s a borrowed term to describe a spiritual task.

So why is G-d so often described as a “He?” What does that symbolize? Rabbi Pinchas Taylor clarifies one of the reasons why this borrowed term is often used.

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