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Mrs. Dena Gorkin Launches New Chinuch Series

Due to many requests, renowned and veteran educator Mrs. Dena Gorkin, principal of Bnos Chomesh Academy, has launched a new video series on topics and insights in Chinuch, which will be released over the coming seven weeks. The first installment of the series is titled: Healthy, Happy, Frum.

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  • 1. Well said wrote:

    Thank you for posting this. These days so many people have it backwards and they think they can yell or punish their kids into being tznius or chassidish. Its good to see that there are people who understand that a child who isnt happy with their frumkeit probably started out by being uhappy about other things. If the kid is healthy and the home is happy then the child is not guaranteed, but much more likely to want to live a frum life. I hope you will have more videos like this.


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