LIVE: Shluchim Reunite 1st Time Since Terror Attack

LIVE BROADCAST: In 5716 (1956) a murderous terrorist attack in Kfar Chabad left the country devastated. The Rebbe sent a special group of Shluchim to uplift them and bring them the spirit of 770. Now, for the first time ever, all the 12 Shluchim are coming together from across the world for a reunion, to recount their historic visit.


  • 1. Incredible! wrote:

    This was an incredible evening! Boruch Hashem all 12 Shluchim that the Rebbe sent in 1957 were attending this event. What a Brocha that they were all together tonight 60 years later retelling the stories of their Specific Shlichus to be Misamayach the Kfar Chabad community.

    • 3. On Topic wrote:

      We Can All Learn From The Way They Spoke

      If I were one of them, would have spoken about “MY” shlichus and what “I” (or maybe “WE”) accomplished. I would have spoken about MY heroics, my special mission, me, me, ME!

      If you notice, when each of them spoke, they were uncomfortable talking about themselves.

      Most simply refused to talk about themselves – even when prompted by the moderator. The moderator insisted and pushed them to talk about themselves “their shlichus”, but they instead talked about everything else but themselves…

      Want to know why? Because these shluchim are BOTEL btachlis to the Rebbe.

      This shlichus was not about them. If they must talk, the only thing they can talk about is the rotzon of the Rebbe.


      This was NOT what I expected to hear but everything that I needed to hear!!

      I did not expect to be so moved in such a powerful way. Not so much from what they said but from what they did not say.

      Kop Doktar

  • 4. Genius wrote:

    At first I was disappointed by the responses of these shluchim. I thought they were like old milk – past the expiration date. They weren’t answering the question posed to them. Some weren’t making sense. One (Rabbi Shem Tov) even refused to talk at first indicating he has nothing to say!

    Then I thought, imagine if a group of young shluchim would be asked o speak about their shlichus. They would talk and talk and keep talking about how great they are and all the wonderful things they accomplished (of course with the Rebbe’s help).

    Young shluchim would not know any different – this is what they see all time at diners, conventions, events etc.

    Rabbi Krinsky wanted to show all of us how shluchim should talk about their own shlichus – to use the opportunity tell the audience that all you need to do is what the Rebbe wants!

    Rabbi Krinsky is a genius!


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