Video: NYC Harasses Other States’ Gun Owners

Almost every week, New York City arrests someone who brings a gun to the airport–even when the person has a gun license from their state, notifies authorities about the gun and follows TSA procedures for flying with it. Fox News and Reason journalist John Stossel interviewed two people who were arrested – one of whom is Avi Wolf, a native Crown Heightser who currently resides in Georgia.


  • 1. NY may be stuck wrote:

    There is a bill going through the House and Senate that states must respect any other state’s permits regardless of their local laws(H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017). NY will have a hard time with that, but looking forward to how that will go down.

  • 3. Another New York Law wrote:

    In New York … slippers are banned after 10 p.m.
    Rumor has it that slippers are not to be worn after dark; however, no credible source was found for this ban so we say rock those slippers day and night.
    New York
    In New York, if a person “being masked or in any manner disguised by unusual or unnatural attire or facial alteration, loiters, remains or congregates in a public place with other persons so masked or disguised” then that person is an illegal loiterer, unless you’re at a masquerade ball. Moral of the story: EVERYONE IS GETTING ARRESTED ON HALLOWEEN.

  • 5. Good for NY wrote:

    There is no reason for a gun to be carried on a flight or in any public area.
    Too many people have been hurt or even killed by guns that were thought to be in a safe place, locked, or unloaded or even all three. Sadly the local news regularly reports accidental shootings by children from teenagers down to toddlers who have gotten hold of legally owned guns.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      Garbage. You are making up lies. Accidental shootings by children are extremely rare. More children drown in buckets of water than accidentally shoot someone with a gun they found. In fact accidental shootings in general are rare, and not a real problem.

      Guns in the hands of decent people make everyone safer; the only people who benefit from disarming victims are criminals. Few truer sayings have ever been coined than “G-d made all men; Sam Colt made them equal”.

  • 7. another perspective wrote:

    i do not think that having a gun license in one state ever allows a person to use/carry a gun in another state. please let me know if this is incorrect. a person looking to take a gun to another state should know if this is the case. perhaps tsa’s message is confusing? maybe tsa should be sure to mention people should check local gun laws?

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      People should certainly make themselves aware of the laws in other states that they visit, but who from any normal state could even imagine that NY has such bizarre laws, or that its prosecutors would refuse to use their discretion to enforce them sensibly? A bigger question is how NY can get away for so long with ignoring the constitution.

  • 10. Yankel Todres wrote:

    Obviously, everyone knows that only criminals can carry guns without incurring any penalties. Law abiding citizens on the other hand, are not permitted to carry weapons, and must comply with all possible laws (even if they’re in conflict with each other)!

  • 11. Georgia, USA not Russia wrote:

    Last time u wrote Georgia u were talking about Georgia, Russia, this time it must be Georgia, USA, bec we are talking about a Gun License & if it was Georgia, Russia the license wouldn’t be in English & these ppl would be speaking Russian not fluent English, the last time u wrote an article about Georgia everyone was getting mixed up about the 2 Georgias most of them thought it was Georgia, USA & it turned out to be Georgia, which used to be part of USSR, ty for clarifying

  • 12. To #9 wrote:

    Actually they would be speaking Georgian or Russian today in Tbilisi, the capital city the main language is Georgian but nevertheless ppl do speak Russian as well, there are ppl that live in CH, Bklyn who are from Georgia, again the Georgian Republic not Atlanta, Savannah, Alpharetta, Macon or Sandy Springs Georgia, USA there are Georgian Yidden, from Georgian Republic, it would be funny if we called Atlanta Jews Georgian Jews & not the ones from the Republic

  • 13. To # 6 - from a FL NRA Instructor wrote:

    It’s called reciprocation. It is perfectly legal based on the state your permit is issued, where you reside and where you are visiting. As an example Florida has reciprocation by over 30 States. Flying with a firearm is very common. However, it has to be empty, with a gun lock and encased in a TSA approved bag/container. It’s checked in and picked up when you arrive at your destination. The onus is on the flyer to ensure they are compliant with laws/regulations via the airline, TSA and the State they are flying into.

  • 14. #5 wrote:

    Accidental and wrongful shooting from lawfully licensed citizens are fewer than police officers- should we ban them from carrying as well? Maybe if NYC were gun-free the crime will just disappear?


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