8:00pm: Preparing Kids for Camp Without Scaring Them

This week’s edition of MyLife: Chassidus Applied with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Episode 166, will air tonight, Sunday, here on CrownHeights.info, beginning at 8:00pm. This week Rabbi Jacobson will address the topics: Should We Be as Loving to Those ‘Going Down’ as to Those ‘Going Up’? How to Prepare Children for Summer Camp without Frightening Them? How about Male Infertility? What Should I Tell My Kids about their Non-Jewish Grandparents?

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When it comes to people who are on their way up the ladder of Yiddishkeit, it’s obvious that Ahavas Yisroel, kindness and respect are critical. But what about when people are going in the other direction, discarding their frum upbringing? How kind and loving should we be? Are we enabling and encouraging their behavior by being friendly? Is there a distinction in the way we should regard and act towards people ‘on their way up’ vs people ‘on their way down’?

Preparing children for overnight camp is a delicate balance. On one hand, they must be informed and taught about self-protection, on the other hand, their excitement for summer camp shouldn’t be dampened by fear that something may happen to them. How can parents effectively prepare and protect their children without frightening them?

In many Jewish children’s books and in school, teachers and kids refer to goyim derogatorily. The goy is always the villain, the thief and the joke. What about kids who have family members, like grandparents and aunts and uncles who are not Jewish? What is the best way to deal with kids who will be exposed to mockery of goyim in school while their own family members may not be Jewish? Kids must be proud of their Jewishness, but is putting non-Jews down the right way to get the message across?

I was blessed with two healthy babies and am expecting a third. Parnossa has been extremely difficult and I find myself having doubts in my belief in Hashem. I daven three times a day, say chitas and live a proper frum life. Additionally, while I am thrilled that I have beautiful healthy children, I don’t see how I can afford them, let alone a third one. How much longer can I hold out without parnossa and still believe that I did the right move in starting a family without financial security? How is bitachon possible when the situation seems helpless?

These are among the relevant issues that will be covered in this 166th episode of Chassidus Applied. Rabbi Jacobson will also discuss: male infertility, the continued spread of Chassidus Applied and follow up to the discussion of young boys going to the mikveh.

Rabbi Jacobson will also review the following essays submitted in this year’s MyLife: Chassidus Applied essay contest: “Why We Need a Break” by David Lichtenstadter“Committing to Your Purpose in a World of Cheap Substitutes” by No’a Bat Miri; and “The Heart of the Matter” by Gale Levin. These and other essays can be read online at meaningfullife.com/essays.

And finally, the Chassidus question of the week: What is the origin of gashmius (the physical)? Is it the result of the evolution of ruchnius (the spiritual)? Is it yesh m’ayin – a new creation? Chassidus talks about different so-called “sources” of gashmius. Can you please shed some light on the matter?

This hour-long dose of insights is meant to inform, inspire and empower us by applying the teachings of Chassidus to help us face practical and emotional challenges and difficulties in our personal lives and relationships. To have your question addressed, please submit it at meaningfullife.com/mylife.

The topics in this Sunday’s hour-long broadcast will include:

  • Chassidus Applied to Shelach
  • Should we be kind to those on the way “down”?
  • Bitachon when having difficulties with parnosso
  • How to have the ‘overnight camp chat’ with your child
  • Why is male infertility not spoken about?
  • What to tell my kids about their non-Jewish grandparents?
  • The continuous spread of Chassidus Applied
  • Mikveh for young boys (follow-up)
  • Chassidus Question: What is the origin of gashmius?
  • MyLife Essays: Why We Need a Break, Committing to Your Purpose in a World of Cheap Substitutes, The Heart of the Matter


In what has now become a staple in many people’s lives, MyLife: Chassidus Applied addresses questions that many people are afraid to ask and others are afraid to answer. When asked about the sensitive topics he has been addressing, Rabbi Simon Jacobson commented, “I understand that the stakes are high and great care has to be taken when speaking openly, but the silence and lack of clarity on matters plaguing the community can no longer go unaddressed. The stakes of not providing answers are even higher.”

The on-going series has provoked a significant reaction from the community, with thousands of people viewing each live broadcast and hundreds of questions pouring in week after week. At the root of every question and personal challenge tackled by the series is the overarching question: Does Judaism have the answers to my personal dilemmas?

In inimitable “Jacobson-fashion”, the broadcast answers people’s questions in simple, clear language while being heavily sourced. Each episode is jam-packed with eye-opening advice from the Rebbeim, gleaned from uncovering surprising gems in their letters, sichos and maamorim that address our personal issues with disarming relevance. Simultaneously, Rabbi Jacobson is able to crystallize a concept quickly, succinctly, and poignantly for any level of listener.

All episodes are immediately available for viewing in the MLC’s archive and can be downloaded as MP3s for listening on the go.

Questions may be submitted anonymously at meaningfullife.com/mylife.

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