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Nemuel Welcomes Sefirah with Acapella Music Video

Lubavitcher music star Nemuel Harouche has released his latest ‘music’ video just as we begin the days of Sefirah – an acapella rendition of his hit song ‘Elokai.’


    • 3. Yudi Mandel wrote:

      Had you learned the Maamer “Sheshes Yomim Tochlu Matzos” this Pesach you’d understand the awesomeness of Yemei Hasfirah.

  • 4. Role Model for our kinderlach? wrote:

    Is the new model for our Tmimim and kinderlach, soldiers in Tzivos Hashem? And why are we allowed to listen to this in sefira (or any other time)? If there is a heter for sefira afaik it is for nigunim and not this.

  • 5. @Number 4 wrote:

    Do you even realise what garbage you are saying?

    A heter is a heter! Even the Rebbe listened to acapella

    I feel bad for your children that they have a parent like you who is so strict.

    You must look at yourself before you judge others. Kamayim haponim al ponim.


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