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From Days Gone By: Chanukah Wedding, 1971

We present to our readers recently uncovered video footage from the wedding of Rabbi Joshua B. Gordon, OBM, longtime Shliach to The Valley in L.A. before he passed away earlier this year. In the video several notable guests can be seen, including the Chosson’s brother-in-law Rabbi Manis Friedman and the latter’s younger brother Avremel, who was still a child at the time, singing on the stage. Can you identify anyone else in the video?


  • 2. Yitzchok wrote:

    Manis Friedman “Choson’s close friend?” He married the sister of Josh Gordon.
    Thank you for posting. Great video!

  • 6. yankel wrote:

    Rabbi Manis Friedman is a brother -in -law to Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon not only a close friend.

  • 7. 48 yr in the hood wrote:

    loosing josh was a big loss to chabad and cali for sure
    but with me personly he is alive in a sense cuz i learn with him on line every day
    after the class its hard to belive he is realy not here bekashmiues .
    ” josh i miss you a lot ”
    come back to us fast we need
    you here on this world again

  • 10. Sarah Katuna wrote:

    The Gordon Family is and was very dear to me and my family, so this video was very heartwarming.


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