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Shliach on TEDx: The Power of Now

Speaking at a recent TEDx conference, California Shliach Rabbi Raleigh Resnick analyzes the power of staying in the moment to solve problems. His analysis and storytelling abilities make for a great Talk.

Born and raised in New York City, Rabbi Raleigh Resnick is the director and spiritual leader of the Chabad Jewish Center of the Tri Valley. A dymanic teacher and charismatic communicator, Rabbi Resnick also serves as a mentor, life coach, and motivational speaker. His essays and articles have been published in academic journals and newspapers throughout the Bay Area. His rabbinical positions have brought him to communities in Sydney, Bangkok, and Tokyo. Rabbi Resnick currently also acts as the Jewish chaplain at local hospitals and correctional facilities.

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  • 1. inspiratioal talk wrote:

    Very Very Good
    Rabbi Resnik i hope they paid you well for all the Chasidus that you inspired them
    Only one constructive criticism
    When you talk stay in one place and move your head
    not your body
    It is much easier to concentate on your speech that way.
    The Rebbe always stood behind the Shtender and did not sway back and forth.
    THIS IS A VERY MINOR request but a necessary one.
    I loved your talk

    • 2. Great point but wrote:

      How about all those comedians that walk back-and-forth when they speak

  • 5. Unemployed Noachide wrote:

    I’d like to get these kinds of messages everyday of my life. This is why I love Judaism and Hasidism. Keep on being a Light to the Nations. Heaven knows we need Klal Yisrael’s Light now more than ever!


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