Photos: Satmar Marks Yom Tov in Crown Heights

Satmar Chassidim gathered at the Bedford Avenue armory in Crown Heights Heights to mark Kuf Alef Kislev, the day Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum Ztz’l, the founder of Satmar Chassidus in America, escaped from the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Well over 10,000 Satmar Chassidim packed into the Crown Heights Armory, where they danced and heard droshos from Rabonim, punctuated with a speech from the Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum.

The event featured a fundraiser for the Satmar Moisdos and Yeshivos.

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  • 1. Wish local Chabad will gather too wrote:

    I wish local CH will have such big& simple Farbrengen with all anash gathered in one place and not in all small Shuls /apartments /etc …. Need more Ahdus in our community

  • 2. yissi wrote:

    Why can’t tgey make the kinus banquets there if Sat Mar can fit 10000 people with tables we should have no problem fitting 4000

    • 3. Tables wrote:

      Because Satmar does not seat them around round tables. They cram in many seats without any tables, and it isn’t a proper sit down meal for most.

  • 4. thousanwords wrote:

    it looks like every one has a place at a table enjoying a nice Melavah Malka..look at the 770 the chassidim cram in..and thats the way it should be!


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