From Days Gone By: Reb Shlomo Farbrengs

Tonight marks the 20th Yahrtzeit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, OBM. During a visit to Sydney, Australia, for several concerts in the summer of 1979, he made a surprise visit to the Chabad Yeshiva Centre while a Yud Beis Tammuz farbrengen was being held by local Anash. Rabbi Aryeh Solomon was present and took photos of the occasion, which he shared with

In the photos, Reb Shlomo can be seen seated next to Rabbi Mendel Feldman, OBM, of Baltimore, who led the farbrengen with Reb Shlomo and who spoke at length about Teshuva B’Derech Nes [miraculous teshuva] according to the Friedicker Rebbe.

Seated at the head table are: Rabbis Pinchos Feldman, the Rebbe’s Shliach to Sydney; Rabbi Mordechai Gutnick, then head of Sydney Kashrus and now Rov of Elwood Synagogue in Melbourne; Rabbi Boruch Lesches, then Rosh yeshiva of Sydney’s Yeshiva Gedolah and now Rov of Anash Kehillah of Monsey; and Rabbi Avrohom Perlow, senior shochet in Sydney and Rov of Tzemach Tzedek Shul.

Reb Shlomo can also be seen dancing at the conclusion of the farbrengen with Reb Mendel Feldman, OBM.

Photos courtesy of Rabbi Aryeh Solomon

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  • 2. love Reb Shloime wrote:

    With evertyhing they say about you still gotta love reb shloimele
    Brings warmth to my heart and soul

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      Ein hochi nami, but according to a story published by R Chaim Dalfin, on the last day of his life he declared that he was doing teshuvah, so if that story is true then all the old kepeidos should be gone.

  • 12. shlomo wrote:

    the only person kicked out of lubavitch, by the rebbe himself, for breaking shulchan aruch rules.

    oh, how much pain he caused our dear rebbe.

    • 13. Milhouse wrote:

      He did teshuvah. And in any event, R Zalman Shimon Dvorkin paskened that after 12 months every yid is assumed to be a tzadik.

  • 14. Fresser Rebbe wrote:

    The Rebbe told Rabbi Yitzchok Groner not to allow him to visit his מוסדות

  • 15. to # 11 wrote:

    To my knowledge what your saying lacks precision
    for the correct version speak to the Groners in Melbourne

  • 16. The plain truth wrote:

    C’mon, how pathetic to write “Reb Shlomo Farbrengs”!

    Chasidim farbrenged and S.C. came to participate, but to say that he farbrenged?


  • 17. not so fast wrote:

    i have heard that the Rebbe later asked Rabbi Groner about how Shlomo Carlebach was after his visit to Australia. Rabbi Groner responded that the Rebbe told him not allow him at the Chabad Houses. The Rebbe responded that yes he told him not to allow him at the Chabad House, but why didnt Rabbi Groner invite Shlomo to his own house

  • 19. dovid wrote:

    Rav feldman didn’t invite him to the mosdos. Rather, he came like anyone else to the farbrengen. If he had come to rav groners farbrengen, he wouldn’t have thrown him out either.

  • 20. litvak wrote:

    To #10 and 11 u have it all wrong. Read The Real Shlomo by rabbi chaim dalfin who discusses this I great length. The R nevet told thid to gronrr, on thr contrary. Also, the R told Carlebach hr couldnt use the name chabad bc of hid outreach style. But the R nefer kicked him out. The R never kicjed out any yid including a yid like z schsvhtet who did things fat worsethsn carlebach. You owe it yo uoursrlves to read dalfins bk…you might actually find out yhr facts bc he presrnts evidence not just hear say. ..

  • 22. Zalmy Schapiro wrote:

    wow very nice Excellent keep on singing keep on dancing but we do miss you Rav Shomie Carlbach

  • 23. to #20 wrote:

    What language is that please? I tried google translate but it could not find it.

  • 24. Haters will hate wrote:

    Some of the comments here make me ashamed to call myself a Lubavitcher. How petty-minded can people be?
    And then you wonder why your children are not following in your “derech”…


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