The Rebbe’s Call for Summertime Tznius: The Dress of a Bas Melech

“Every year before the summer, generally at the Yud Bais Tammuz Farbrengen, the Rebbe would speak about Tznius”, says Oholei Torah Mashpia Rabbi Michoel Seligson. At his suggestion, presents a new weekly feature for the summer months: a short thought of the Rebbe on Tznius, as compiled by Rabbi Seligson.

The following is an excerpt of a Sicha from the 12th of Tamuz 5723/1963 Sicha #10 (free translation from Yiddish):

“Tznius applies to both men and women. However, there is a difference – and that is in the uniqueness and a maaloh in the tznius of the woman, since the following verse needs to be fulfilled ‘The glory of a princess comes from within’ (Tehillim45:14) Particularly   as the woman has the quality of beauty [as explained in chassidus and Kabbala and in a practical sense], therefore it is understood that tznius relates primarily to women.

It is self-understood, since ‘the Almighty does not make tyrannical and unreasonable demands of His creatures’, therefore, as a greater measure of tznius is demanded of women, they are given greater strength and exceptional strength to overcome this war with the Yetzer Horoh, who challenges them.

Since this is demanded of a ‘bas melech’, it is understood that she has special strengths to implement, ‘the glory of a princess comes from within’;  in herself, in the management of her home, in her husband, in her brother, and in her sons and daughters, that they conduct themselves likewise, as mentioned above.”

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