As Michael Spins Into Florida, New Rabbi Spins Up Aid Effort

While tens of thousands were busying themselves with storm prep or heading out of town to escape the worst of Hurricane Michael—now approaching the Florida Panhandle as Category 4 storm with sustained winds topping 130 mph—Rabbi Mendel and Nechama Danow were just moving into their new home in Pensacola, where they will serve as Chabad emissaries.

Chabad Comes to Manhattan’s West Village

With its narrow cobblestone alleys and boutique shops, Manhattan’s West Village is known for its colorful, artistic residents and the alternative culture they propagated. Now the West Village will be home to a new Chabad center, headed and co-directed by Rabbi Berel and Chana Gurevitch, working under the auspices of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad.

Rabbi Mendel Sasonkin, 54, Chabad Emissary to Ohio

When newly ordained Rabbi Mendel Sasonkin moved to northeastern Ohio in 1989, he knew just a smattering of English. But with a broad smile and an open heart, he was ready and willing to serve the Jewish communities in Canton and Akron, cities south of Cleveland.

With 14 Dead and Florence Flood Waters Still Rising, Chabad Marshals Resources

He was in the middle of a hurricane, but Jonah Kaplan felt blessed. The two-time Emmy-nominated reporter’s coverage of Hurricane Florence brought him to Myrtle Beach, S.C., 180 miles from his home in Raleigh, N.C. He arrived at a city under mandatory evacuation, with businesses shuttered and homes abandoned. Searching for kosher food in a ghost town, Jonah contacted Chabad of Myrtle Beach.

Ownership of Holocaust Museum Transferred to Chabad

The Hungarian government announced last week that the ownership and management of the new Holocaust museum, scheduled to open in Budapest next year, will be transferred to EMIH – Hungarian Jewish Federation in Hungary, affiliated with Chabad.

LIVE: 38th Chabad Telethon

Today, Sunday 22 Elul – September 2 – at 8pm EDT Chabad of California will be hosting its 38th annual L’Chaim-ToLife! Telethon. This annual Telethon is one of the most watched Jewish event of the year with hundreds of thousands of Jews tuning in from across the country and even many more across the world watching it live on

Public School Teens look Forward to the High Holidays

Daniel Leybengrub, a 10th grader at Bard Public High School in NYC,  has a new perspective with which to greet the high holidays. “My son has become much stronger spiritually,” shared Lona Leybengrub, Daniel’s mother. “He talks a lot more about the Jewish customs and traditions and is looking forward to this year’s high holidays. He feels the trip has made him a better person overall with new understandings about Judaism, people and the entire world.”

New Shluchim to Singer Island

It’s a long way from Sweden’s cold winters where Rabbi Berel Namdar grew up. He and his wife Tzivia, originally from Tennessee, are moving to Singer Island, Florida, where they will be opening Chabad of Singer Island, the 18th center in the Palm Beach area. The couple was recruited by Rabbis Yosef Biston and Avraham Korf, of Chabad’s Florida headquarters, to serve the larger communities of Singer Island, Riviera Beach, Lake Park, Juno Beach and its environs.

In Wake of a Hurricane, a New Chabad Center Opens

Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries throughout Houston gave the gift of exhaustive material and spiritual sustenance to fellow victims of America’s second most costly tropical storm, Hurricane Harvey, last year. Upon the anniversary of the monumental disaster as the city continues to reflect on and dig out from the nightmarish catastrophe, another gift has been proffered: A new Chabad center in one of the hard hit locales.

Circumcision Ban in Denmark Fails for Now

The latest public campaign to ban circumcision in Denmark fell apart earlier this month after the nation’s ruling party stated its qualified opposition to the measure. Yet, Jews in Denmark—as well as in many other nations in Europe and around the world—are continuing to face high hurdles to maintain the legality of the 4,000-year-old religious practice that is a cornerstone of Judaism.

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$50 Million in Legacies Pledged to Chabad

Myrna Horton, 84, was eager to talk about why she decided to leave a legacy gift to Chabad of Tustin, Calif. “I feel so good knowing that some of my estate will be used for children’s education. It’s so important for children to learn about their religion,” she told

Young Ukraine Shluchim Enjoy Summer Camp

After last years amazing success camp Yaldei Hashluchim Ukraine reopened again for the second time with over 40 kids. Shluchim from all over Ukraine sent their children far away from their place of Shlichus in order to be in an environment of Torah and Mitzvos, an environment of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit as well as a place filled with fun exciting trips and activities.

Shluchim to the Midwest Hold Kinus

Sunday and Monday, 25-26 Tammuz, Lubavitch-Chabad of Illinois and Rabbi Shimmy and Rochel Susskind of Chabad of Vernon Hills hosted the regional Kinus Hashluchim for the Midwest region of the United States, with 90 Shluchim from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin gathering at the spacious Beco Innovation Park in Libertyville, Illinois, for a day and a half of study, farbrengens, and creative and informative workshops.

Amid Rockets, Red Alerts and Sirens, Women Take Shelter in Torah Study

by Yehuda Sugar – Just as life in Israel’s northern Galilee region was returning to a semblance of normal after Sunday’s long and hot fast of Tisha B’Av, two Syrian surface-to-surface missiles trained on the north triggered warning sirens and sent […]