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Argentinian Students Rewarded with NYC Trip

Some 40 Argentinian students, who participated in Torah classes throughout the year, were rewarded with a weeklong trip to New York City.


Argentinian students were rewarded with a weeklong trip to New York City, filled with sightseeing and spirituality.

During the seven days, the some 40 students, visited the Ohel, 770, received a tour of a Mikvah, as well as visiting some major tourist attractions throughout the city.

β€œ[Students] come to the Chabad House throughout the year for a Torah classes, and they get this special gift,” said Shliach Rabbi Zalmi Levy. β€œFor many this is their very first connection to yidishkeit [Judaism].”

This trip, which has been taking place for over 20 years, is led by Argentinian Shluchim Rabbi Shlomo Levy together with his son Rabby Zalmi Levy since 1996, and have merited to see many positive things as result of these trips.

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