Moscow Shul Hosts Thousands Over Yom Tov

It is with great satisfaction that the gabbai and administrators of the Marina Roscha Shul in Central Moscow are summing up the month of Tishrei. Thousands of Jews have attended the many programs that took place here under the auspices of Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar.

There were programs taking place around the clock. For all ages and stages, for Jews from all types of backgrounds. Extensive planning and preparations for this festive month began way back in the summer.

Starting from slichos on Motzei Shabbos slichos, and up until the hakafos on simchas torah that began at 7pm and lasted until 3 am, culminating with dancing outside in the streets of Moscow in -2 degrees Celsius frost! There were Shabbos and yom tov meals for all, free of charge throughout the entire month. There was simchas beis hashoeva with singing and dancing in the streets each night of sukkos.

In the main sukka, which is currently the largest in Europe boasting 1000 (!) seats, there were free yom tov meals at all the seudos. During chol hamoed there were hot and cold drinks, as well as light refreshments available from early morning until the wee hours of the night, thanks to which many, many “leishev basukka”s were recited, as well as countless people who came to fulfill the mitzva of arbah minim.

Although the festivities have come to an end, they are hard at work there in the Jewish Community Center, working on expanding minyanim and torah classes both in the central Marina Roscha shul, as well as in the thirty Chabad Houses scattered throughout Moscow.

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