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Winter Shabaton for Moscow Sunday School Children

MOSCOW, Russia -– On January 3-6, the Gan Yisroel camp in conjunction with Club Rimon, which meets regularly on Sundays in Moscow, hosted a shabbaton-seminar for Jewish families in the suburbs of the capital.

In the words of one of the camp administrators, Rivka Klein, roughly 170 children with their families attended the seminar, which featured the theme of the Jewish Patriarchs and Matriarchs and the lessons we can learn from them. There was a program prepared and executed by volunteers from the Maor program, including educational games for the young, lectures for parents by speakers such as Proffesor Alexander Lashkin and Mamash Skalka, as well as a number of lessons designed for the family to attend together.

The response to the program was enthusiastic: the children enjoyed in particular the swimming in the indoor heated pool and sledding, and everyone enjoyed the food – so much so that several individuals sought recipes from the cooks – and some parents remarked that they learned from their children more about Judaism then they had ever learned before. By the end of the weekend, thirty new children had signed up for Jewish Sunday school, stating that they wanted to continue to ‘learn the fun way.’

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