Info to be Menachem Avel the Nagar Family

The Nagar Family will be sitting Shiva for the passing of R’ Ezra Nagar OBM, at 517 Midwood St. between Kingston Ave and Brooklyn Ave. Times in extended article.

Premium Post:
Full Time Position Available

Retail and Customer Service Associate

As counter server, you make the day for e-biz owners, teachers and 100s of others who rely on smooth shipping and print services.


Project calm, capable attitude while working efficiently
Advise customers on shipping/printing
Develop rapport with ongoing customers
Manage/maintain equipment

1+ year customer interaction
Patience and an easy smile
Windows, MS Word, PDF
Skill for learning functions/procedures
Work in CH, grow with the company! Must include resume.


PSA: School Zone Speed Cameras

As of today, the city school zone speed cameras are operating Monday through Friday from 6:00am through 10:00pm. Driving 10 mph over the posted speed limit gets you a $50 ticket by mail.

Information to be Menachem Avel the Kievman Family

The Kievman family will be sitting Shiva for their father Reb Yosef Kievman obm, at 448 Sterling St. in Crown Heights. SIX MINYANIM ARE NEEDED, times in extended article.

Information to be Menachem Avel the Raskin Family

The Raskin and Laine families will be sitting shiva following the passing of Rabbi Berel (Berke) Raskin OBM, at 395 Crown Street. Times in extended article.

Break-In King Back on the Streets of Crown Heights

Derrick Nelson, a serial car break in offender, is back on the streets of Crown Heights after a lengthy absence. Nelson possibly holds the record for perpetrating the most car break-ins in the Crown Heights area. He has been arrested numerous times, and after being released, does it again every time.