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Tonight: Begin Saying ‘Tal Umotor’

In Maariv tonight, the 17th of Kislev, we begin saying Vesein Tal Umotor Livrocho in Shmoneh Esrei. A guide including some of the Halochos regarding this change, and if one had forgotten to make it, was compiled by Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, Magid Shiur in the Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne, Australia.

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Motzei Shabbos: Rally at the Ohel

On Motzei Shabbos, the 14th of Kislev (December 2), there will be a rally at the Ohel for all children ages 5 to 12, featuring a great program with a Melave Malka, a story and a raffle. Buses will leave 770 at 6:15pm and return at 8:45pm. Transportation will cost $3.

Bais Chana Institute to Host ‘Early Years’ Reunion

Bais Chana Institute, which has hosted tens of thousands of women since it first opened in 1971, invites all alumnae from the “early years” – ‘70s and early ‘80s – to attend its festive Reunion 5778. The reunion will convene in Crown Heights on Sunday, 15 Kislev, December 3, 2017, IYH. There will also be a Friday night Oneg Shabbos program on Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach, December 1.

Thursday: Rally at The Ohel

On Thursday, 13 Cheshvan (November 2), there will be a rally at the Ohel for all children ages 5 to 12, featuring arts and crafts, a raffle, sandwiches and an amazing program. Buses will leave 770 at 5:00pm and return at 7:45pm. Transportation will cost $3.

Dr. Yitzchok Block to Be Remembered at Shloshim

Dr. Yitzchok Block passed away on Erev Sukkos and his levaya, a quiet and hurried affair, occurred just before Shkiah on Erev Yom Tov. The thousands who would have attend the Levayah to accompany this extraordinary Chossid on his final journey were unable to attend. With no Shivah to speak of, those who would have shared memories and offered consolation were unable to do so.