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New Chosson Center Opens in Miami

In response to the pressing needs of young Chassanim and in consultation with many prominent Florida Rabbonim, a new and exciting program in Miami will give Chassanim the appropriate resources to enable them to meet the challenges of marriage in the contemporary world.

In addition to the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha, in today’s world our Chassanim must be given the tools that will enable them to live meaningful and successful lives, according to Torah and Chassidus.

Says founder Rabbi Yossi Srugo: I would like to share with you a small sample of the calls I have received from Chassanim after their weddings:

“Right after I got married, my wife got pregnant. Within a few months I went from  being a Bachur in yeshiva to being a husband and a father. It was frightening…”

“We got married and right away I started to get stressed out about money – what will I do for work, etc., and that affected my Shalom Bayis…”

“I had many uncomfortable intimate questions and I didn’t know who to ask. I wish I had somebody to turn to…”

“My wife has very big expectations. I can never be what she wants me to be…”

“I have internet-Shmutz problems and it’s affecting my marriage…”

The Miami Chosson Center will provide every Chosson-in addition to Halachos and Hashkafa- a place where he will prepare himself, for an entire week, to assume his role as a married man, a father and a provider. He will attend seminars and one-on-one sessions led by qualified rabbis and teachers in an exciting and Chassidishe atmosphere. Most importantly, these young men will emerge from the program with clear guidelines of how to give their marriage the practical and spiritual foundation that will bring their new family a life of Shalom Bayis, which is the goal of a Chasidishe marriage.


MCC will be addressing these and many other subjects:

What is the purpose of marriage?

How will my life change after I get married?

What is love? Emotional and physical intimacy

How to deal with anxiety

Respect and safety within marriage

How will I support my family?

Learn about budgeting, finances and taxes. Managing finances,  including, budgeting and job coaching by “Marriage Boot Camp” and financial advisor Jaime Hadida. Participants will explore parnossa options and learn how to get started on the path to financial security.

Job mentoring

Internet exposure


MCC Workshops in 5 main areas:

Halacha classes will be taught by Rabbi Aryeh Citron, Rabbi Yisroel Frankfurter, Director of Smicha Program, Miami Beach; Rabbi Yossi Srugo, Mohel and MCC Program Director.

Hashkafa classes with many rabbis, including: Rabbis Yossi Marlow, R. Aryeh Citron, R. Chay Amar,R. Laivi Forta and R. Mendel Rosenfeld.

Pre-marital education and counseling by “Marriage Boot Camp”

Marriage Boot Camp is a program developed by Yehi Ohr, Jewish Community Services of South Florida and has been specifically tailored for the Miami Chosson Center. Its goal is to provide relationship skills and counseling for a successful marriage. All classes will be taught by male, frum professionals.

Financial Education: Budgeting and job coaching by“Marriage Boot Camp” and special guest- financial advisor Jaime Hadida. Participants will explore parnossa options and learn how to get started on the path to financial security.

One-on-one time with The Rabbonim and Mashpiim.


1st Session: Monday, 3rd of Cheshvan (Oct. 23) at 10 AM – Friday 7th Cheshvan (Oct. 27).  (Available accommodations for Shabbos)

Cost: $1000 pp early registration (before Sukkos); $1200 thereafter

Venue: Chabad of Golden Beach with accommodations across the street and The Miami Semicha Program in Miami Beach, FL.

To register: Rabbi Yossi Srugo, Program Director:


MCC participating and supporting Rabbis:

Rabbi Yossi Marlow, Rov, Beis Menachem in North Miami Beach.

Rabbi Aharon Liberman, Bes Din ORB and Shliach in Inverrary, FL

Rabbi Aryeh Citron, Posek, author and Chosson teacher.

Rabbi Yisrael Frankfurter, Dean of Smicha Program in Miami Beach and a Chosson Teacher.

Rabbi Yossi Srugo- Chosson Teacher-Mohel-Sofer and MCC Prog. director.

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