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Leshono Tova Tikosaivu V’Tichosemu!

As we are all making our final preparations to usher in the new year, we – the staff at – would like to wish our loyal readers, fans, contributors and tipsters a happy and healthy sweet new year, K’siva Vachasima Tova, Leshono Tova Tikosaivu V’Tichosemu and a Gut Gebentched Yohr.

May this year be a safe, successful and prosperous year for all, and may we achieve our ultimate goal and report the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days!

The Staff at,

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  • 1. Yes Amen wrote:

    Amen !! Amen !! Amen !! may last year be the final year of Galus & this year be the year we go to Yerushalayim with Melech HaMoshiach !! Say goodbye Galus & hello Geulah !!


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