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Tonight: Senior Resources Seminar

Tonight, Wednesday, January 11, 2107, a seminar is planned featuring speakers  Devorah Gershowitz, Crown Height CDPAP Coordinator for Heart to Heart Home Care, and Shoshana R. Brenenson, Esq., Crown Heights Elder Law attorney.  The panel will discuss planning and tactics for Long Term Care, navigating Medicaid rules, and how to structure Homecare to suit the needs of you and your family.

What if my income is above the eligibility limits but I’d like to apply for Medicaid to cover my homecare? Can my home health aide help me with housework and grocery shopping.  I know I need help with my tasks of daily living but having a stranger in my home is disconcerting. I’d much rather hire my daughter to assist me. Could she get paid by Medicaid to assist me?  What about my home?  I hope to leave it to my children one day, but would it be secure if I or my spouse needed skilled nursing care in a facility?  These are some of the questions families face when a loved one needs long term care.   Find out about Medicaid eligibility, how to utilize trusts to shelter income and assets, directing family members as paid caregivers, and much more.

The program is co-sponsored by Crown Heights Urgent Care, a member of the KāminHealth family.  Separate seating and light refreshments will be provided.


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