Irgun Limud Hatanya Completes Likutei Amarim

After months of hard work and consistent learning, the Irgun’s participants completed and were tested on the entire Likutei Amarim Tanya. The Irgun Limud Hatanya, a project of Heichel Menachem of Boro Park, organizes a structured learning program for its participants to learn Tanya.

The program includes a guided curriculum with Chassidus Mevueres explanations, as well as a hotline to answer any questions. The participants receive worksheets to review the material, and are tested on 4-5 perakim a month. Those who excel receive a monetary prize as a motivation for their hard work.

Be’ezras Hashem the participants  are continuing  to learn further in Tanya, beginning with Igeres Hateshuva and then Shaar Hayichud Ve’haemunah


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