Oholei Torah 8th Graders Celebrate Graduation

This past week parents and grandparents joined together to celebrate and schepp nachas as talmidim of grade 8 graduated, culminating their studies in Oholei Torah Elementary.

Unique to the Graduation, was an interactive video which included many of the talmidm acting as the master of ceremonies.

The program began with the recital of the Rebbe’s kapital led by HaTomim Shneur Zalman Vogel.

Rabbi Hershel Lustig addressed the graduates with inspirational words as they prepare to move on to Mesivta. He also spoke how 9 years ago they came in with hopes for their future and boruch Hashem today he can say that he is very proud of each and every one of them.

HaTomim Shloime Yehudah Segal represented his fellow graduates in extending appreciation to all of the Maggidei Shiurim and thanking the yeshiva for imbuing within them the values which identify a Chasidishe bochur as well as giving them a strong foundation in both Nigleh and Chasidus. HaTomim Shmuly Rubinstein made a Siyum on Gemara Makos which was learned and completed this past year.

Speaking on behalf of the parents, Rabbi Efraim Mintz explained ראו גידולים שגידלנו. Rabbi Mintz is also a member of the Va’ad Ruchni of Oholei Torah.
Rabbi Yossi Bryski spoke about OTEG and watch a slide show of the many programs

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, principal of 8th Grade, gave over the story of the fork in the road that the Alter Rebbe chose to go to Mezritsh, more than going to Vilna. So too we will have our choices in life and we have to choose the right one.

As well he quoted from the Rebbe: saying to Hashem we did our Shlichus now it’s time for Hashem to do his Shlichus and bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu Teikof Umyad. The program concluded with distribution of diplomas to all 95 graduates. In addition, each received a sefer and memento of this past year.

Oholei Torah takes this opportunity to once again wish all of our graduates a hearty mazal tov and to continue to be a source of Yiddishe and Chasidishe Nachas to the Rebbe, their parents and the yeshiva.

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